Mujuru working with G40: Mliswa


FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru is allegedly working with a faction of the ruling party known as Generation 40 (G40), comprising hawkish Young Turks, former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa, has claimed.


Mliswa told NewsDay yesterday, on the sidelines of a Press conference, where he sought to refute reports linking him to a possible return to the ruling party, he is “engaged in talks” to get Mujuru “readmitted into Zanu PF”.


“Mujuru and the other old people (Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa) will only be useful in Zanu PF. Actually, I am working hard engaging some people to have them readmitted into Zanu PF,” he said.

“Mujuru can only be powerful in Zanu PF. It is the only place she has a chance, maybe, of being President.”
But Gumbo scoffed at the claims.

“It is not even necessary to comment on such claims. We will be giving credence to nonsense and would rather let this pass,” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo also seemed to brush off Mliswa’s claims.

“I have no idea because I have not been in touch with Mliswa or the group you are referring to,” he said.

Asked if there has been contact with Mujuru since her expulsion, the Zanu PF information chief said: “I am not aware of any.”

Along with Mujuru and Mutasa, Gumbo is part of a loose coalition of former Zanu PF liberation stalwarts reportedly mulling the formation of a party currently going by the name People First.

Mliswa is one of nine chairpersons kicked out of the ruling party last year as internal power struggles within Zanu PF reached boiling point.

They were accused of being part of a faction then reportedly led by Mujuru, who was at the time Zanu PF’s number two. Mujuru stood accused of being the leader of a plot to oust President Robert Mugabe.

Mliswa claimed Mujuru was now working with Young Turks within the ruling party opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The group (G40), according to reports, boasts among its ranks the likes of Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao.

“The G40 has realised that it is losing grip, they are losing the internal war with Mnangagwa because the ongoing restructuring exercise has left Mnangagwa firmly in charge. His (Mnangagwa’s) people are in charge of Manicaland, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland East.

“I can tell you that all chairpersons who romped to victory in the internal restructuring in Hurungwe West were the people I worked with during my time and they are backing Mnangagwa,” he said.

While Mugabe’s lieutenants, including Mnangagwa, continue to deny harbouring any ambitions to lead the former guerilla movement, the situation on the ground has remained volatile amid violent clashes and accusations of intimidation and vote-buying.

There have been fistfights in Manicaland and an attempt to depose Mashonaland East provincial chairman, Biggie Matiza.

In Manicaland, women’s league provincial chairperson Happiness Nyakuedzwa’s ouster has been met with stiff resistance, but Kasukuwere has reportedly insisted she should be fired for “failure to respect First Lady Grace Mugabe”.

Mliswa said the resistance that Kasukuwere was facing should have been shown “during our time”.

“This is what we wanted, but the likes of Mutasa kept on claiming things would be fine. The resistance that the G40 group is facing despite their borrowed power should have been used to keep Mujuru in the party,” he said.

“However, I am not going back to Zanu PF because, principally, we do not agree. I do not agree with violence and I have no reason to go back to a party where clearly I am already labelled a Mnangagwa person.”


  1. the guy who is expressing his views is now desperate with his political carrier or in on other hand there is someone using him whilst traveling in the bush at over 200km/hr that is he lost control of what he’s doing.”sorry Themba no one can listen from u you had already fell down and ur trying to hang on a falling branch”

  2. Themba Mliswa is unruly,talks too much and is not trustworthy. Themba is not a team player and sells out secrets. Themba has no principles and his morals are very weak. It is dangerous for any party to work with Themba Mliswa. He has his place in ZPF and outside it , he is a risky person to work with. He is a snake called “Shuku kuviri” and dangerous to work and associate with.

  3. Stoopet Mliswa guy expelled from ZANU talks rubbish all the time. Funny that newspapers like Newsdead give him space.

  4. VaMliswa muripapi chaipo;munomboita address MDC-T rally kuChivhu,moti ZANU-PF hamuchaidi,nhasi moti murikuita negotiate mai Mujuru vadzoke KuZANU-PF yamunoti hamuidi.Muri right right here imi?

  5. Temba has become a stranded comedian. The best way is not to listen or attend his so- called ‘conferences’. He is hopping to South Africa and back to Zimbabwe like a headless chicken. He is seeking relevance but misfires because he is all over the arena.He was in Chivhu with Tsvangirai,last week he was with the Dzamara family,If he wants to be relevant and useful, he should tell us where Itai is, because being clever and intelligent as he claims should know better.

  6. Them ba has definitely lost it, he is playing politics dzemu newspaper, wonder why the papers are giving him all this coverage, anenge ari kugura, the guy is desperate for sure

  7. LOST GUY. Lord have mercy on him. He does not know whether he is coming or going. He is doomed. ZanuPF was everything to him I guess.

  8. temba ‘s utterances might appear outrageous but remember with mugabe in his dotage anything is possible with zanu pf.who could have imagined jonathan moyo would be back in zanu after his expulsion the last time.

  9. Saka apa temba ari ku negotiator kuti mujuru adzokere ari ani, nokuti mujuru haamude, bato rakamusvipa. saka ari pa negotiating table sani. pada tatadza kuverenga, kana maresva kunyora?

  10. nxaaaa Temba and Gay 40, we will not vote for Mujuru if she dines with Grace 40 gays rather join Chematama when it comes to the worst Ngwena is better off.

    Without that we rather vote for Ngwena.

  11. is mliswa a politician or a comedian ,the guy is clutching at straws, he only got onto politics becoz of Mutasa he was jettisoned to chairman of zanu , otherwise without Mutasa he is NOTHING ZERO ZILCH , now since mutasa is now nothing also what is mliswa now

  12. Imi vemapepa dont waste yo space writing abt made pple mhani. This guy has clearly indicated his dislike of both Mujuru and Zanu, now he claims he is negociating on behalf of both??? He is now acting like an exorcised demon….

  13. VaMliswa makuhwa. Ndinoverenga nyaya dzavanotaura yo, hadzina musoro. Vanorotomoka. Asi chii nhai.
    Tinoda varume vanorwira kugadzirisa nyika yedu yaora inake kwete kuita makuhwa anotyisa kudaro.
    Lets build our country which our parents fought for. Our utterance must something to do with unity development and prosperity.
    I am surprised. If anyone is given a platform, he or she start talking about war. Hoooo i am stuck with politicians.

  14. Mliswa seems to believe that if he goes around shaking every big tree in sight hard, something will eventually fall into his hands from one of them.

  15. Mliswa suffers from mental retardation. He should have been wrongly raised up. Was he not dumped in the street. Anyone who believes him must be a moron

  16. Kamfana Themba kasondispaka nhasi.The BOY is a classic idiot,he is totally confused and is now behaving like dung bettle robbed of it’s meal.Mtasa rapisai mwana uyo asati akwira mugomo, honai oita sekambudzi karikurumwa nenyuchi.

  17. ko mpfanha themba anombonwirepi uyu? its laughable to say mujuru and her ousted allies should go back to party of violence which u ar theoretically claiming to have divorced. Nxaa kana madhakwa rarai pane kumama nonsense vanhu vachisuffer apa. if it is indeed a party of violence, so whom do u want to be associated with such party? You ar dull and dangerous. better to disappear from the political scene than to utter unconfirmed nonsenses day in and day out

  18. vamliswa vanombonwirepi ava? this guy seemed to b ever drunk since his ouster from the party of violence which to my surprise is trying to negotiate mujuru et al’s return. just imagine somebody saying handidyi duzvi bt ndirikuedza kusoftena vanhingi kuti vadye, saka vauri kusoftena vacho unovada here? Mliswa is worse than the devil, better disappear from the political platform if u happened to lose momentum than wasting our time reading nonsense from this shameless slut. go back to zanu pf and quit messing up other people the way u are doing nxaa

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