Mugabe is suffering – Grace


President Robert Mugabe is a poor man living a modest life because he is carrying the burden of Zimbabweans seeking economic emancipation from the oppressive Westerners, First Lady Grace Mugabe has claimed.


Speaking at Mataga growth point in Mberengwa in the Midlands Province on Friday, she said it has been reported that her husband was rich and had lots of money, but he was “just a simple man, who was passionate about the suffering people of Zimbabwe”.

“Where have you seen a person who commits their life to suffering for other people? Mugabe has committed his life to his life to suffering and he is suffering for you,” she said.


“You hear people lying that Mugabe has money, lots of money and even when the land reform started, some white farmers thought they could come to me because they thought, since I was young, I could be bought, they offered me $10 million and I refused. I am prepared to suffer for the people of Zimbabwe.”

Despite painting pictures of a suffering President, the First family owns and runs the multi-million dollar dairy company, Gushungo Dairy.

Mugabe has also been reported in some media circles to be one of the richest African Presidents.

Former Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said he did not know Mugabe and his family were suffering at all.

“I don’t know if they are suffering or rich, but you can judge for yourself from the opulence in which they are living and tell me if that is poverty,” he said.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said the claims by Grace were grossly false and insulting to the people of Zimbabwe because their extravagant and lavish lifestyle was well documented.

“The false claims by Grace are a gross insult for suffering people of Zimbabwe and for Grace to falsely claim that her family is poor when the first family lifestyle is well in tandem with the rich and famous . . . This unmitigated arrogance is not only offensive, but extremely insulting to the suffering people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Grace further said people should not envy her for staying in State House adding it was a painful experience and had constantly been praying to God for strength to go on.

“It’s painful to stay at the State House, I tell you it is painful because everyone will be looking up to you and wanting to know what you are going to do next,” she said.

Grace told villagers she had flown to the venue in a presidential helicopter and while it was the air she could see huts dotted far from each other and wondered how people would reach the venue.

On Friday Grace told a rally she often skips meals in solidarity with starving Zimbabweans.


  1. Its one thing to make the people of Zim suffer, but to go on & feed them childish ridiculous lies & propaganda is cruelty beyond imagination

  2. we know of only one Jesus who suffered and died for us. If Mugabe is really suffering for us please note that we are crying and begging him to quickly die and disappear from this world for us

    • If its painful to stay at State House why dont you leave and give somebody else a chance, you pea brained receptionist? Who is forcing you? Stupid empty headed jezebel…

  3. This is pure evidence of how a foolish wife can destroy a wise man. l hope all young men are watching & taking down notes of the do’s & dont’s of life

  4. Grace does not think thru b4 she leaps. She hallucinates and think people of Zimbabwe are foolish and act like young kids who can be enticed by sweets. Grace insults the intelligence of zimbos. She and her husband are hypocrites who are laughing at suffering zimbos. She flew there by helicopter at great expense to the tax payers. Why did n’t she go by road like VP Mphoko did?Its time this couple retired and experience how people are suffering.

  5. Grace retains the low typist literacy level leave alone the fake degrees. Her abrupt rush from rags to riches speaks loudly that she ‘wears an oversize shoe’. She is a very poor public orator. Certain recent remarks such as Rushinga is a no opposition go zone, Mugabe wearing opposite shoes from jail, Mugabe is poor among many betray her. Better shut up than ‘ vomit’ to the hungry and suffering majority.

  6. Zimbabweans are kids. The carrot n stick approach has been used on them since 1980! We are cowards, especially Mashonaland provinces! ZANU will not stop until people eat their own sh!t, literally!

  7. This woman’s statement vindicates God’s word. There is nothing worth living for except Jehovah’s word as written in the Bible, a book written by our ancestors not the whiteman (Job 30v30, Song of Songs 1v5&6, Psalms 119v83, Lamentations 5v10). We should be preparing for Jasus Christ’s imminent return not the worldly emptiness that we persue.

  8. Did Matibili know how foolish this woman was before ge married her? What sane man would live with such a monster?

  9. If Mugabe is indeed suffering for me then, this, and I mean this very moment, I am willing to excuse him from the suffering and allow him to take the rest that he should have taken ages ago. If only I had known earlier. Can you believe that all along I believed I was the one suffering for him? How ungrateful I was.

  10. If you are an effective leader, there is no pain in those you lead looking up to you for the next move. That is what sets apart effective leadership from fake/poor leadership. The statement from Grace shows how shallow-minded she is (and how fake her doctrate is). Like most people in govt. who have ridden rough-shod over others who are more qualified, this type of “leader” will bring this country down at a very terrific rate. Only the ignorant and desperate look up to such people for leadership.

  11. We are how we talk. While assuming she is playing with the public mindset, the First Lady is instead displaying her pathetic psychological capacity. Regretful!

  12. Ah! I dont believe that. How can a president be poor? There are poor people in Zimbabwe who dont have even a roof over their heads, who can’t even feed themselves and their kids. Poor people who can’t afford to go to hospitals. I think its good for these rich people to thank God for the riches they have becoz, failure to do that, God will be angry and take away those riches. I really dont believe that, a president to be poor??? No no no.

  13. If staying in a mansion and gallivanting around the globe are signs of poverty, then poverty must be a wonderful experience. Who wouldn’t want it?

  14. kkkkkkkkikest. How can he suffer for people who doesnt want him anymore? We ddnt like the chaotic land reform. we wanted an orderly land reform. Just know that even those people in your party no longer like him. I feel pity for the first kids. The mother is out of order now. Instead of making friends she is brewing enermies. Its no secret Bob is now advanced in age and anything can happen to him. Where to from there??? Use your PHD wisely if its a genuine doctrate amai.

  15. May God never forgive her how can a whole president wife said, they are poor for good 28 years of stealing, looting collecting by force or by tricks peoples’ property and killing innocence people, dyeing them of their right to democracy, to elect and choose young and flesh blood president of their choice always forcing themselves on the people to rule cos’ Mugabe and his wife feel they are the only family that can rule Zimbabwe. May God judgement fall on her and that her old greedy man.

  16. eish … i feel pain, poor Grace and Robert!
    i think people must organize donations and demonstrate so that these two can be rescued from state house

  17. if he is really surfarin for us.he shld jus resign to sho his mercy on us.this grace women is stupid .pari kushaya anomumisawo here kana mai vake chaivo

  18. Nonsense from Grace. Why should Mugabe be “suffering for us”? He is instead making us suffer because of his ineptness. Mugabe was not invited into politics, he chose to go into politics because he thinks it is a platform to show off how educated he is like all Reserve-born people do when they get some education. They make sure everyone knows they are educated and the best platform for doing this is politics. Challenging a white person or persons was regarded/is regarded by Reserve-born people as a major achievement to – they think it is a sign of superiority. Politics and speaking in fluent colonial English has replaced hunting or bare knuckle fighting as a sign of superiority in the Reserves. That is why Mugabe is in politics. To show he can do what whites did. Mugabe has not got any interest in any sport, does not drink , has no interest in women and his one and only outlet is politics. He is not there to help anyone but to show off.
    There’s no such thing as “economic emancipation” not least in poor Third World countries like Zimbabwe where there is 95% unemployment. This is a sound bite used to fool the gullible by politician con artists.

  19. Really! …. So Grace thinks that she is talking to a bunch of peasants and hoodwinking them in the process? This is condensation at its worst! Marie Antoinette, the wife of king Louis 6 made similar comments, and look what happened to her. She together with her husband ended up minus their heads!

  20. True Mugabe is poor and suffering mentally because I guess he is struggling to bring to terms how he failed so dismally.
    1. At independence Zimbabwe was a promising democracy with the highest economic potential Southern Africa
    2. He was a most popular leader in the Southern Africa before Mandela came out of prison, and in Zimbabwe, all children used to sing his name all over, Sally was called Amai by all respectfully not this prostitute he got incited to due to old age.
    3. Zimbabwe dollar used to trade at par and above par to USD, and only lower marginally to pound, now the country does not even have its on currency
    4. The people used to wear work suits to work, in reputable companies like ZISCO Steel, Mhangura Mine BHP, Hippo Valley Estates, Mkwasine, Arda, Zesa, NRZ, Sheraton Hotel, Zeco, Turnal Mashaba Mine, Zishavane, Zimasco, Ashanti Gold, Bindura Nicle, Border Timbers, Kariba, Municipalities like Harare, Bulawayo City Councils, teachers were respectable professional etc, now all this companies and jobs are ghost titles and towns
    5. Zimbabwe was regarded bread basket of Africa or SADC, but now you import everything together with flower and maize meal, the new farmer is nowhere.
    6. The ZSE used to be a stock market, busy with brokers and financial advisers now it pariah profession.
    7. Vibrant banking system, but he put Gono and there was quasi fiscal operations which saw the dollar loosing value daily if not every moment like soap
    8. Freedom of expression evaporated
    9. Police respect translated to ZANU PF thugs
    10. Military was considered extremely one of the most disciplined and respected force, now they are guard dogs of Mugabe and Grace, bucking at each any everything.
    11. Each night, the Beit bridge border is awash with Zimbabwean woman crossing into SA to buy almost everything even sanitary wear and salt to resale home, where are companies like Unilever, and Merline.


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