Much-awaited Guluva 7 album out


THE hip hop music scene in Bulawayo will never be the same again with the release of Guluva 7’s much-awaited 16–track album, Colour of Dreams, last week.


The new album features top hip hop acts, Cal-Vin, Babongile Skhonjwa, Hleliwe and Kidd Active. Released on October 27, the album was set to be officially launched last night.

Guluva7 — real name NkanyisoMoyo — said his vision was to take local hip hop music to new heights.

Guluva 7

He told NewsDay last week that the long-awaited debut album was on demand.

“Colour of Dreams means I am painting the colour of people’s dreams through my music. I came up with the title while I was in high school in 2004. So it’s been a long time coming,” he said.

Guluva 7 said the songs on the album reflected ordinary people’s day-to-day ghetto life, relationships, love, family, partying and unemployment. The songs were done in English, Ndebele and Shona.

“Bulawayo fans used to snub hip hop shows, but now they are tolerant as they attend hip hop gigs in sizeable numbers,” he said.

The album was produced by Guluva 7 and Cal-Vin, although the beats were produced by La Josh, Marvin, Phanas, Tkrued and MaclynBeats.