Mnangagwa outflanks Grace

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

ZANU PF Masvingo provincial executive is reportedly set to be the first to endorse Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa as President Robert Mugabe’s official number two ahead of the party’s December conference, NewsDay has established.

BY Everson Mushava/Nunurai Jena

Party insiders told NewsDay yesterday that officials loyal to Mnangagwa were not leaving anything to chance and were using the current district restructuring exercises to pass resolutions to be presented at the annual conference to be held in Victoria Falls.

1-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa adresses a rally in Dzivarasekwa on Saturday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva

An official said the resolutions passed during the inter-district meetings were unanimous that Mnangagwa was number two in the Zanu PF pecking order and that anyone in the province opposed to this position had no place in the ruling party structures.

He said a provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting has been called for this Saturday to finalise and
endorse the resolutions passed by the districts for presentation during the December 7 to 13 conference.

Well-placed sources told NewsDay that Saturday’s meeting will endorse the presidium, with Mugabe at the top, Mnangagwa second and Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko third.

“Masvingo province will vociferously reject the imposition of other candidates who are not in the presidium to threaten to override Mugabe’s deputies,” another source said.

Sources told NewsDay that the Mnangagwa’s faction was now in a do-or-die campaign at grassroots level ahead of the conference after realising a faction dubbed Generation 40 (G40) was using First Lady Grace Mugabe to give them an edge in the race to succeed the 91-year-old leader.

“The resolutions will effectively send a message to the First Lady that Masvingo has rejected her as the President’s successor. We support the decisions of last year’s congress and this means Mnangagwa is in line to succeed the President,” a senior Zanu PF official said.

“We only recognise the First Lady as the President’s wife and as head of the women’s league and nothing more than that.”

Zanu PF is currently embroiled in serious factional fights pitting a faction linked to Mnangagwa and G40, a group of party Young Turks said to be led by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao.

Quoting Amilcar Cabral, one of Africa’s foremost anti-colonial leaders, Mnangagwa warned: “Our struggle has reached a stage where we must look into each other’s eyes”, a clear indication the gloves were off in the ruling party.

But Masvingo acting provincial chairperson, Ezra Chadzamira, who is also Masvingo West MP yesterday, denied the province was coming up with resolutions to curtail Grace.

“We will be making resolutions regarding the state of the opposition in the districts and ZimAsset,” he said, adding the current meetings were aimed at introducing district leaders to the provincial leadership.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said all provinces would come up with their own resolutions.

“I can’t speak on behalf of provinces. We don’t decide on what issues the province should resolve,” he said.

But sources maintained that although Mnangagwa and Mphoko were equal according to the party’s constitution, Masvingo widely held the view that the latter was far junior to the former, who is touted as the front runner to succeed Mugabe.

“Even (former acting provincial chairman Paradzai) Chakona was fired because he was now aligned to Grace,” a source said.

Grace was supposed to address a rally in Masvingo last Saturday, but did not show up.

“She could have failed to come after receiving intelligence that Masvingo was all in support of Mnangagwa,” another source said.

Elsewhere, youths from Mashonaland West aligned to the Mnangagwa camp have joined the war, accusing G40 of abusing Grace’s name to intimidate party members.

The same was also echoed by a pro-Mnangagwa Harare youth group, Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform, which recently threatened to manhandle ministers disrespecting Mnangagwa.

At a provincial inter-district youth conference in Chinhoyi on Saturday, the youths openly refused to chant slogans associated with Grace, opting for Mnangagwa’s “Pasi Nemhandu” (Down with traitors) catchphrase.

Lewis Matutu, the national youth secretary for administration, claimed there was a plot to embarrass Mnangagwa at the party’s December conference.

He warned of a bare-knuckle fight at the conference if anyone dared humiliate Mnangagwa.

The youths accused Kasukuwere of abusing $1 million allocated to the Mashonaland West youth fund. They also attacked Zhuwao and Moyo and urged Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo to investigate the three ministers.

“Speculative ministers who are agents of destruction who convene meetings in hotels, their days are numbered,” Matutu warned.


  1. Mahumbwe…the crocodile has no balls after all…instead of going for the presidency, the coward is tussling with an insignificant skank for the vice position…pathetic

    • True Pathetic, they must go for the Hot seat. But can zanupf stop its cruelity, if they are not embarrassed as they see their president crawling in the middle of young energetic world leaders then I don’t know what embarrasses them because stealing has not embarrassed them.

    • Come-on fella – for how long do you think the old man is going to be with us. Ngwena is acting approprately. Patience my man, patience

    • You must ask yourself ukaona ngwena yokweva jira, gumbeze chete ichisiya munhu. it is very calculative and attacks exactly when it matters. we are fully behind ngwena as the next prez for our dear country and party at large. Zimbabweans need ngwena though they dont it and we are saying Mwari vavhurei maziso vaone, zvakavanakira nezvakavashatira vana vedzimbahwe ava, vasateerera kunoenda mhepo sepfunye asi vafunge kudzamisa pfungwa kuzeya kwakunyatsoita wongororo izere zviri honest kuti vawone kunaka kwengwena. zvakanakira ngwena muzimbabwe yanhasi neyatirikutarisira mangwana.

    • in a fast globalising world someone cannot afford to be regionalistic(read tribalistic);the world is moving faster and is prospering faster isu tichingoti hee tirivekuMasvingo apa munhu wese ane one vote vekuMAasvingo nevekuGwanda and so on.KomaChinese zvearikungoprosper they don’t have to be from Masvingo to do so.

  2. Is Mnangagwa still the crocodile or he is now a lizard in crocodile’s clothes? Does he command enough grassroot support in Zanu pf to become the next president of Zimbabwe? is he going to whither the storm form the G40 group? After Masvingo showed its support on Ngwena what is the G40 group’s next move? I am sure they are skirming somethings. Its dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. Is Zanu pf going to survive are after Mugabe’s extinction? Time will tell? Zimbabweans, do we still need another Zanu pf leader after Robert? These are some of the questions we always ask each other at drinking places in these foreign countries which we have scattered to because of Mugabe and his Zanu pf’s destruction of the country. Cry the beloved country.

  3. let thrash one another to pieces! at least that is the widest road to the liberation of the masses.

  4. Please Editor do not try to portray the lies you are feeding us as facts and why would you even use Matutu’s name when all your other sources are protected. This is a clear scheme to ignite a fire where there isn’t any. If Masvingo province wants to support the president’s decision to work with the two VPs, then i don’t see why they should explain themselves. The president chose the two and any loyal supporter of the president should do the same unless told otherwise by the president.

  5. The G40 is doing a good job. Ngwena has the same entitlement mentality as Bob. Notice how he feels he should be president simply bcoz he has been with bob for so long. He will follow bob’s ways of doing things and zim cannot afford that so he should be stopped at all costs. If Grace takes over removing her will be a piece of cake. Ngweana on the other hand will entrench hinmself for another 30 years. The so called resolutions are unconstitutional bcoz bob has the sole right to appoint his deputies. A mujuru is being played out on Ngweaana and the fact that Bob is quiet when his so called blue eyed boy is being attacked says volumes. Remember how he kept quiet during the mujuru annihilation. He has a plan and come vic falls it will unravel.

  6. Ko inga wani zvainzi JM Ndiye aiita zvemafuction?Ko zvazvatova worse?Igore redzidzo.Ndipo pakafira sarungano peZanu uku wonzwa kuti 3/4 yema mps ezanu ndevamai Mujuru vari kusheedzera impeachment.zii semunhu mukuru

  7. Does it ever ring a bell in any of these starry eyed zanoid cultists that their spiritual cult leader is now too incapacitated to continue any further?

  8. What the Lacoste is doing is what the Gammatox should had done. At this point in the Zimbabwean politics it takes such actions to avoid a dynasty. Even if Ngwena may not the best of candidates at least his ascension would help to avoid a bedroom coup and perpetuity of the Mugabe family dictatorship. After Jezebel Robert junior will take over and this is totally unacceptable. Though Ngwena has his own transgressions he appears to be the best candidate of the two . Grace is not astute and cunning she is being misled by the so called g40 creating many enemies instead of friends.

  9. All this is as a result of someone who did not want to give power. All those who are power hungry would have been given from the 1990s.
    One leader has been there for these years. Our president is only concerned about his family. Zimbabwe is being treated as an island. It has many educated people who can take it to the promised land.
    Educated person like Mugabe would have proved the importance of education.
    But huuu…bb
    VaMugabe vakaiwanikidza. Vakabva vashaya munhu wekusiyira nyika.
    Zimbabweans come on, change your ways.

  10. Is Ngwena really a crocodile or is a lizard in crocodile’s clothes? Time will tell. Is Zanu pf going to survive after Gushungo’s demise? This is a million dollar question. Is there going to be unity in Zanu pf after Mugabe? The answer is simple, not even a single aorta of unity. Look at what is happening Munangwa Vs Grace, in fact its Munangagwa,Muchinguri and Mutsvangwa vs Moyo, Kasukuwere, Zhuwau and company. The factions are still there even though mai Mujuru’s faction was booted out. I am convinced Zanu pf will go to the grave with Robert Mugabe and it will be good redance. With all this suffering I am sure 90% of Zimbos will be happy. The fights are going to escalate as we approach congress and I am sure the G40 are skirming something. But one thing for sure Ngwena is not going to go down without a fight. Its gonna be dog eat dog. Survival of the fittest? Some of us we are watching from the traces, being spectator ions in a chemical reaction which is spontaneous. Its an explosive reaction which is waiting to explode. Cry the beloved Zimbabwe

  11. I knew we could always count on Masvingo province to stop Grace in her tracks. The no- nonsense attitude of the karangas is legendary from the Eddison Zvobgos to the Dzikamai Mavhaires, they have always told Mugabe as it is

    • Masvingo ndizvo! Masvingo! Masvingo ! Chana chavatete! Masvingo netara kkkkkkkkk!!! Musatisekesa nePasi rese mhani aah,!

  12. chero akataura munangagwa asi akapfeka hembe yakadhurowiwa mugabe,the so called ngwena has slim chances to take over because the game is 10 -0 in additional time,it is too late to win the game back except he divuldge himself into murder.but iam sure the same cio who protected bob for 35 years will be after grace, so its just water under the bridge.come december congress when the so called g40 makes their final progressive move.i tell u as long as bob is in power he will just appoint grace to take over ,and grace will hand over to chatunga and so on ……,ndohwokufa nahwo hupresident ndohwe mhuri varazipi was right to some extend.and Tsvangirai is also just the same as zanu pf culprits 15 years aripanyanga what more if he was the president ,he is just bob of mdc.thats how Africans are, death is the only separation of individual and power.Where were we in 1987 when bob ammended the whole of the constitution to his side and himself,everything else in that document was said to be aprroved by the president even the army officials salaries he is the one mentioned to prove,everything everything if not anything which does seeemingly viewed as threatening his carrier as a life president.bob was to be proved everything ,and him being everything in zimbabwe, commander in chief ,chancelor of all universities etc ,its zanu pf for you for how long that man was in power .That man studied zimbabweans and gets an unquestioned distinguishen.Remember what Napolione said “give them hope but never satisfaction” .we just keep going saying zvichaita zvichaita kuita kupii its politics its a game,a game its just made to intertain at the same occasion stealing one’s time.bob is un predictable……………just god only and alone knows where are we going. bt kuna bob he is wrkng on strategising 2018 elections and its already won .mark my words.

  13. Let it be recorded that the provincial and district resolutions are not representative of the wishes of the people of the province. The province is unanimous that the head of state and leader of ZANU PF is President Mugabe. That there is no vacancy at the top. The province is against factionalism in the party and that all efforts should be directed towards the implementation of ZIMASSET. We simply don’t have the energy of choosing who should replace who, but follow the procedures and structures of the party. Surely the people of Masvingo should not be used as sacrificial lamb by being sucked into dangerous party fights. We support whoever is elected at an elective congress and certainly not be biased towards tribe, region and that’s the position. These people suffered a lot from marginalization because of fights in the province, and we don’t want to perpetuate the same problem and bequeath the same problem to the next generation.

  14. There should be a balance of power in the presidium reflecting the four main ethnic groups in the country; there should be a zezuru ,a manyika a karanga and a Ndebele. Leadership should be fair rotated amongst the groups after a zezuru a karanga or someone from other ethnic groups should take over of course based on MERIT IF THE PARTY IS TO SURVIVE. There should be strict adherence to the maximum two terms limits to avoid the present scenario where with all due respect Gushungo has over stayed his welcome.

  15. Just imagine, Matibili will hand over the button to Ngwena at the expense of Gire and her acolytes….That’s day dreaming. It’s not going to happen. The truth of the matter is that Matibili is caught in the proverbial “catch 22” situation. He cannot afford to alienate makaranga since he has already upset a section of the Mash provinces by sacking Mujuru. The logical thing for Matibili is to hang onto power until “Amen!”. So anyone who is entertaining the idea that the time has come for Ngwena will be sorely disappointed, because nothing of the sort is going to happen. Watch this space…..

  16. I take u havent read the latest amendments made to zanu’s constitution. Number 2 automticaly takes over if the President is incapacitated & thats smart, less chance of resistance & he stil appears loyal to all supporters. To declare outright that he has presidential ambitions is a huge gamble this way is safer and legitimate, hameno

  17. The sad thing is that we are now so conditioned to believe only ZANU PF should rule Zimbabwe, instead of seeing these ominous times as an opportunity to define the new Zimbabwe we want by campaigning for a Zimbabwe that will observe human rights; the bill of rights, equal opportunity for all based on merit regardless of whether you are Karanga, Zezuru,, Ndebele, Tonga, etc.

  18. Ngwena iri patight. This whole idea of being patient does not work with Mugabe. The more patient you are the more you go one way. Where was Ngwena 35 years Mugabe in power? Constitution ammended haina kuti vice president takes over for ever but only for a period then election. Ngwena has proven he cannot win a proper election an he is not that popular after all. People are afraid of crocodiles and he does not realise that his names Ngwena is actually a problem. Mugabe will put Grace in power, period and its whether or not Ngwena likes it.

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