MDC-T mulls setting up radio, TV stations


THE main opposition MDC-T is mulling establishing its own radio and TV stations to counter Zanu PF hegemony in the public media, officials have claimed.


Last week the party relaunched its monthly newsletter Real Change Times and moves were also underway to go into broadcasting.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said the information department was currently conducting a feasibility study on how to go about such an ambitious project.

“It’s a long-term plan and also very expensive, but we have begun the feasibility studies and everything seems to be going well. The information department is going to work on that,” he said.

“I think some of the organisations have tried to apply for the licences, but unfortunately the government has not allowed them.
We will approach the government, of course, and apply for a licence to have our own radio and if the government refuses, then we will go to plan B. But we are very serious, Zimbabweans must have an alternative voice.”

Mwonzora was not yet sure where the stations would be located.


MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said it was imperative for the opposition party to launch an alternative platforms as people were fed up with Zanu PF propaganda.

“We have very advanced plans to launch our own free-to-air digital satellite television channel as well as a radio station,” he said.

“The MDC realises that the Zanu PF regime is most unlikely going to relax its rigid and vice-like grip on the electronic media and so we have to think and act outside the box.”

He added: “You can be assured that before the next elections, the MDC would have launched its own television channel and radio station. We will rock the local and international political scene and very soon, the faction-ridden and beleaguered Zanu PF regime will be left high and dry as we use alternative, but lawful and highly effective mass media strategies to reach out to the millions of our supporters.”


  1. Why go with Plan A and watse time and resources, it is dead already, go straight to plan B, and put it staright on DSTv, in fact going International is one time and broadcast worldover ka1

  2. It will never happen in this country. These are only dreams and anyone can dream. It will be possible if MDC was a party in South Africa or Europe. SUEÑOS SON SUEÑOS Y DEBE FIN EN MANTAS. Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere muma blankets.

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  4. It will never work considering there are many other radio stations which tried to spruce up the image of these puppets but everything came to naught. What of the daily lies and this equally puppet mouthpiece trying every dirty trick to paint the country black, but instead it has backfired. Idiots will
    never be innovative.

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