MDC-T infighting gets nasty


MDC-T Chitungwiza provincial youth organising secretary Kudakwashe John quit his post in frustration on Saturday, as intraparty clashes continue to haunt the opposition party since its elective congress last year.


The party’s national youth chairperson Happy Chidziva confirmed the matter yesterday, but said he was going to meet the provincial youth executive to sort out the mess.

“The youth leadership had a quarrel during a meeting over issues they were discussing and John threatened to resign, but his purported resignation is a nullity,” Chidziva said.

“I am going there tomorrow (today) to meet the full executive and iron out the differences. It was just a small quarrel.”


However, informed sources said the differences were so sharp that there were now two distinct camps in the executive — one backing former national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and the other fighting in party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora’s corner.

“The executive is split along factional lines. Those perceived to be in Chamisa’s camp are being purged through sinister subtle moves,” the source said.

“The [provincial] youth chair [Jabu Mthunzi] and secretary Blessing Tangwara are at the centre of the problems, as they seek to remove other elected members from the executives.”

The factions in the MC-T have been growing, but party leader Morgan Tsvangirai this year incorporated Chamisa into the national executive and some of the people who lost during the congress as he tried to unify the party after the acrimonious congress.


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  1. No issue really just a storm in a tea seems someone is trying to create quarrels in mdc so that it appears as though zanu is not alone in its implosion.

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  2. its realy hapning and its a true indication that zanu pf is nt alone in fights. learn to lk things their way and come up with solutions

  3. And when people say Newsday is now owned by CIO some think its lies. The whole idea is to use a “private” newspaper to do what herald failed to achive

  4. I respect Chamisa, unless elections were rigged at congress Chamisa lost to Mwonzora and if he respect that we should not have all those squables. Those who support Chamisa they support him to do what?

  5. Newsday please be serious. Do not sensationalize simply stories. at the end you talk of Tsvangirayi incorporating Chamisa blaa blaa. These political parties do have some points of disagreements even at grassroots levels but to try and say there is factionalism where its your own imagination its not fair reporting.

  6. The greatest problem with diehard MDC-T supporters is that they always deny the obvious. You can rejoice in the misfortunes haunting ZANU-PF but the same is happening right inside your own. This is reality and you only deny it at your own peril.

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  7. Congratulations to Newsday. This reportage illustrates that the paper does not support a particular party. By reporting what is happening in MDC T or any other party should propel the party leadership to attend to the reported problems. Denial will result in the problems getting out of hand and blaming the paper. ZanuPF castigated the other papers outside the Herald of false reports of factions way back and now see whats happening to party factionalism is the order of they day. Let Zimbabweans learn to be objective. Newsday will be a respected paper if they are not as predictable as the other papers who will day in day out criticise ZanuPF members, Government programmes no matter how beneficial they maybe. The same with the Herald and ZBC which will never say anything positive about the other parties. Newsday deserves praise and encouragement for such refreshing unbiased reporting. Such polarisation destroys the fabric and journalism as a profession. Tell it like its whether its ZanuPF, MDC T, MKD et al.

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