Man jailed 12 years for raping mental patient


A 28-YEAR-OLD Epworth man, Jonah Nyapera, will rue the day he took advantage and bedded a mentally-challenged woman after Harare magistrate Hosea Mujaya convicted and slapped him with a 12-year prison term for rape.


The convict, will, however, not complete a dozen years behind bars after three years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

The State, led by Timothy Makoni, presented that on an unknown date and month, Nyapera unlawfully and intentionally had sexual intercourse with a mental patient, resulting in her getting pregnant.


It was the State’s case that on the day in question, Nyapera sneaked into the complainant’s house under the cover of darkness and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent.

The matter came to light when the woman’s sister-in-law took her to a clinic to get contraceptives due to her mental state.

While at the clinic, the court heard, the nurses first conducted a pregnancy test upon which the complainant was confirmed pregnant.

On being questioned, she spilled the beans and revealed that Nyapera had come during the night and had had sexual intercourse with her.


  1. Why wd u give her contraceptives in the first place??…..because we are saying by virtue of her mental condition…..she cannot have consentual sexual intercourse……isnt this a tacit approval or even an encouragement to the half-wit that she should copulate??…..yet when she does that you arrest her partner??………

  2. This man does not deserve to to to court. Most likely he ws a boyfriend. A competent court should preside over this case

    • @Moyo and @Injustice. A mental person does not have the mental capacity to consent. This guy deserves the punishment – abuse of mental patients is too rampant and should be discouraged by the prospect of a decade or more in jail! C’mmon guys

  3. My point exactly……….coz we are saying that the health workers by giving her contraceptives,acknowledge her right to sexual intercourse……but the question is when and with whom should she have sex with??… in other words we should make it clear that mentally incapacitated pple due to their inability to make rational and informed decisions should not have sex…….but then why give the contraceptives??

    • Hmm.. I see your point. I think they are given contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies and not to acknowledge their right to intercourse. But I see the problem you are outlining.

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