Kasukuwere warns land barons


The government has warned that it will soon repossess land from co-operatives and private developers, who acquired vast tracts of land through abusing Zanu PF’s name, but later fail to develop it.


Speaking at the launch of the Wingate Housing Development Scheme in Pomona yesterday, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere said the government had unearthed serious abuse of Zanu PF’s name by certain individuals who acquired land.

He warned that time had come to repossess the land to pave way for the development of low and middle-income houses.

Kasukuwere said the government had partnered a Chinese firm, XMGA, to use its earthmoving equipment to develop and construct 495 low-density stands ranging from 2 000 to 3 000 square metres.


“We are identifying State land allocated by government to housing developers and co-operatives that has not been utilised or developed, with required infrastructure, to reposess such land and introduce our housing schemes,” Kasukuwere said in a speech read on his behalf by his deputy Christopher Chingosho.

“We are disheartened by the behaviour of the majority of housing cooperative chairmen who indiscriminately parcel out any open space belonging to the State, council or private developers.

“They have become authorities unto themselves and the majority of them abuse the name of the party (Zanu PF).”

Kasukuwere said the mushrooming of illegal settlements was alarming and should not be allowed to continue unabated. He warned the developers against continued issuance of land that was owned by the State as the long arm of the law would soon catch up with them.

More than 70 illegal co-operatives have been unearthed in Harare and arrests have already started of those who have been illegally parcelling out the land. Local Government principal director Retired Colonel Joseph Mhakayakora said their partnership with XGMA would see them develop thousands of stands across the country starting with Wingate.

Mhakayakora said the proceeds from the Wingate development would be used to subsidise the high-density area’s developments.


  1. What is Saviour Kasukuwere going to do about the barons who do not install or finish proper infrastructure such as roads and water articulation?
    The greedy thieves do not even plan for schools, amenities, clinics etc. This is largely due to greedy corrupt or incompetent urban planners.
    Ivhu haritengeswe = [State land cannot be sold],”

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