Indigenous languages record highest pass rate at Grade 7


High pass rates were recorded in indigenous languages in the just released Grade Seven results, the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zmsec) has said.

By Staff Reporter

Although candidates performed well in all subject areas, indigenous languages topped the list.

An analysis by Zimsec indicated that Shona had the highest pass rate of 83,48%, while the lowest was Tshivenda with 71,44%.

“However, the candidature of the indigenous languages is still very low,” Zimsec director Esau Nhandara said.

For this year, the pass rate was 41,82% which was a 3,1% increase on last year’s 38,13% pass rate.

Generally female candidates performed better than boys with 5,41% difference between the pass rates. This has been the scenario since 2009 and an average gap of around 3,82% has been maintained. School candidates as has become the norm, out shined private candidates.

The pass rate for private candidates was lower than that of school candidates by 50%. It has been argued that formal schools have better systems in place and are more disciplined than private colleges that were too liberal and permissive.

A total of 329 217 candidates wrote the examination, with 166 565 females and 162 650 males.

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  2. Does make sense to compare boys vs girls unless you express percentage of girls who passed against number of girls who sat for the exams and likewise boys then compare the percentages

  3. Rebel. How about gender equality laws which empower and give and unfair advantage to girls than boys? There are more scholarships for the girl child than for the boy child even if they come from the same poor background. Gender equality doesn’t necessarily mean overcoming the boy child but, as it says, equality not inequality favouring the females. Otherwise we will see another gender equality war; this time being waged by boys!

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