Housemaid sexually abuses minor


A 26-YEAR-OLD Glen Norah C housemaid was yesterday brought to court over allegations of sexually abusing her employer’s four-year-old grandson.


Harare magistrate Hosea Mujaya remanded Spiwe Chigurupati in custody pending bail ruling.

Prosecutor Ephraim Zinyandu alleged that Chigurupati abused the boy several times when his mother had left him at his grandmother’s house in Glen Norah.


When the mother left him, the grandmother also travelled, leaving him in the care of the maid.

According to State papers, the boy was initially left at the house on August 13, but one day while his grandmother was away, the maid allegedly called him to her bedroom where she took off his shorts and started sucking his male organ.

The alleged abuse continued several times, but the boy did not disclose the offence after the maid had threatened to take him to a snake-infested jungle.

Zinyandu said the maid would put the boy between her legs, rubbing his manhood and sometimes she would try to insert his manhood into her private parts.

His mother noticed a change in behaviour when she took him back to Mashonaland Central where they reside with the boy exhibiting signs of pain whenever he was being bathed.

On being asked whether or not anyone had touched or played with his organ, he then divulged that Chigurupati had abused him.
He was then taken to hospital, where it was confirmed that he had been abused.


  1. Stupid maid! Well done to vigilant mother. But I would like to say today’s society is suffering a lot from lack of parents. Everyone is busy looking for money and children are left on their own or with abusive maids. The future is not very safe, if you ask me.

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