Guzah files for divorces

Zanu PF MP for Hurungwe West Keith Guzah has approached the High Court seeking to divorce his wife, Zandile Guzah amid claims that both parties have lost affection for each other and their marriage was beyond redemption.

In the summons filed at the High Court under case number HC3761/15, Guzah through his lawyers Chibune and Associates legal practitioners, claims his marriage with Zandile had “irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage”.

The MP, who won the right to represent Hurungwe West in the July by-elections stated that he had not been staying together with his wife since 2008 and now wanted to officially end their 24- year-old marriage.

“Both parties have lost love and affection for each other. Both parties have not lived together as husband and wife for a continuous period since January 2008, which is excess of twelve months as at the time of instituting the proceedings for divorce” Guzah’s lawyers said in his founding affidavit.

To send his wife away, Guzah offered a number of property to that included a house and other movable properties, but Zandile has since challenged the offer and accused the MP of lying about the list of the properties they acquired as a couple.

“The plaintiff has deliberately left out some of the immovable properties which was acquired by the parties during the subsistence of the marriage,” Zandile said in her answering affidavit filed by her lawyers, Pundu and Company.

The wife demanded to be given houses in Mt Pleasant and Mandara which had not been included from the initial property list filed by Guzah, while the MP, she said, should get a house in Avondale and another in Highfields.

The wife also demanded to be given a Hyundai Rajet, Toyota Hilux single cab , a T35 Madza truck, Ranger Rover 2011 among others while the MP, she said, retained a BMWx5, SLK 200 Mercedes Benz, Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes-Benz S600.

Zandile further demanded monthly maintenance for the couple’s two children at a cost of $900 per child, whom she claimed would be attending school in China at her expense.

“The defendant claims maintenance for herself in the sum of $600 per month until she remarries or dies whichever occurs first,” the lawyers stated.

Zandile further stated she wanted a portion of their Carlton Curlicue Farm measuring 115 hectares and that she keeps the farm house.

Guzah is not the only one in Zanu PF to have filed for divorce in recent years as a number of cabinet ministers have done so due to overwhelming family challenges.


  1. Dai anga ari Morgan Tsvangirayi tainzwa zvakawanda.

  2. How did these parties acquire the said properties. Heyo penalty isina keeper Mapurisa. Is it not proper to scrutinize the life of this holder of public office?

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