Grace, son donations raise eyebrows


OPPOSITION parties and analysts have demanded that First Lady Grace Mugabe should explain the source of clothes and goodies she and her son Russel Goreraza has been dishing out in large quantities to Zanu PF supporters.


Grace, has of late been staging rallies in different provinces, where she has donated food and clothes, including suits to traditional leaders, a move that has raised the ire of opposition parties, who yesterday queried the source and motive behind the hand-outs.

Goreraza donated 3 000kg of salt, 3 000kg of sugar, 3 000kg of bathing soap and 1 000 litres of cooking oil in Murewa on Saturday, after making almost a similar donation in Mbare and Mberengwa.

Grace gave suits, shoes and shirts to chiefs over and above bicycles for their security personnel.

The First Lady also donated 8 000 litres of cooking oil, 150 tonnes of maize, 105 tonnes of rice, secondhand clothes weighing 3 184kg, maize seed and fertiliser to people in Murewa.

Among the donations were also soccer kits donated to eight secondary schools in the province.

MDC-T said Zanu PF was not treating people fairly, amid suspicion the goods Grace and her son donated were looted goods.

“It just goes to prove that both Grace and her son, Russell, have an extremely low and contemptuous opinion of the people of Zimbabwe as well as our traditional leaders,” MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said. He said they were treating people like beggars, who should survive on the benevolence of the First Family.


“This is in extreme bad taste. Zimbabweans are a very proud and hardworking people, who don’t deserve to be treated in such a disgraceful, patronising manner.

“Those groceries are, obviously, looted property. Those people have got absolutely no shame. How can a country be run on hand-outs from the First Family? We are not surprised, however, because dictatorship thrive on the pauperisation of the masses.”

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said Grace and her son should disclose the source of the goods.

“It is primitive politics, where a leader of a party can donate goodies without disclosing where they come from. We are seeing a worst case of abuse of State resources at an unprecedented rate,” he charged.

“It would appear as if Mugabe and his family destroyed the nation so they could be able to buy things for people. How does a First Lady of a suffering people show so much wealth?”

Political analyst, Takura Zhangazha, described the dishing out of goodies as a strategy to patronise the recipients, describing it as sad for Zimbabwean politics.

“It’s the politics of materialism with the intention of winning hearts and minds of poorer citizens and voters. It essentially means their intention is to move away from value-based politics, to that of patronage. In this case, only those with money or access to vast resources will qualify to be political leaders and it’s a sad development for Zimbabwe politics,” he said.


  1. Its vote buying at an unprecedented scale by a very desperate woman. Ntombizodwa knows that as soon as Matibili goes, so does she. And if anybody saw the way Matibili was walking in Turkey, his departure is close.

    • Granted the first lady is improving in her public addresses and posture this giving even those not disabled freebies,aged or orphans is more of an insult than a favour like Gutu says here. Gutu has got this one nailed..Zimbabweans are a very proud people. Her advisers might need to go back to the drawing board over this issue.A good gesture need not backfire in this fashion..She needs to re-look at it…

  2. Can Grace give us more ‘rallies’? I am beginning to enjoy them, especially the childish lectures on climate change. Kikikikikikiki….

  3. Donating back something that already belongs to the people can hardly be described as generosity. If zanupf hadnt looted the country dry these poor people would be owning a thousand times more than these cheap freebies

  4. He said they were treating people like beggars, who should survive on the benevolence of the First Family.

    “This is in extreme bad taste. Zimbabweans are a very proud and hardworking people, who don’t deserve to be treated in such a disgraceful, patronising manner.

    THE MDC CAN CHANGE THIS IF THEY GET FOCUSED INSTEAD OF REACTING TO ZANU PF’S ACTIONS EVERYDAY. At least Zpf are connecting with the people. What are you doing?

    • Grace is busy winning peoples hearts, and mdc is busy doing nothing other than commenting, being reactive instead of going out there and show the way, show pro-activeness, relevance with people.

  5. I hope they keep up the tempo up to 2018. If they falter along the way, they’ll lose the perceived votes coz cooking oil and all other goodies will have run out and long forgotten…

  6. Zimbabweans deserve better than this carrot and stick lifestyle. Give them the fishing net and not the netted fish.

  7. To be honest people are just talking but that is what Zimbabweans were taught and they will definately consider it come 2018. Stop talking do something on the ground or you are out come 2018.

  8. If you don’t have anything to give Zimbabweans please nyararai, let her give what she wants to Zimbabweans. They (people) deserve it after walking long distances on foot to the rally and going back with hungry stomachs, surely the first lady and her son are doing a wonderful job. Its good to appreciate people who attend your rallies.

  9. if u have nothing meaningful to contribute that can assist people its better to keep quite. Its a shame most guys are supporting Gutu for just opposing for the sake of opposing without proffering any solution. gone are the days we need constructive opposition with meaningful policies that will address challenges being faced. what is the MDC doing as we speak just waiting to criticise wotonzwa murume mukuru achiti Gutu is right kkk. its time to wake up and think straight as progressive Zimbabweans and make a practical contribution kwete kungotaura. its time for all who are pro MDC to start commending with an open mind for the betterment of Zimbabwe

  10. Grace’s motive is in the open and that is to win votes.Her campaign is clever in that it is targeting both the existing electorate and teenagers who in 2 years time will be eligible to vote.She is taking advantage of the food shortages to play ‘Messiah’to both the rural and urban electorate.Despite the praise l have for her campaign strategy l am concerned over the source of her could be true that she is diverting state resources to her campaign but lets not forget that she is a business woman with a successful enterprise.
    l want to disagree with Obert Gutu who says donations are in bad taste and unacceptable.l see nothing wrong with them provided there is transparency with regards their source.Obert Gutu is exhibiting double standards in that donations are in bad taste when coming from ZANU PF but welcome and acceptable when from Western funded NGOs to the electorate and to his party.

  11. Well, politics in Zimbabwe is becoming interesting. If you do not have anything to donate to people better keep your mouth shut. People talk of patronage bla bla. Yes, granted patronage exists but were you expecting the masses to reject it. No, they dont because most of them are very hungary.

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