Grace orders son off ‘dirty’ mine wrangle

Russell Goreraza

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly ordered her son Russel Goreraza off Tolrose Gold Mine in the mineral-rich Kadoma as the ownership wrangle continues to escalate.


Goreraza, Grace’s son from her first marriage before she married President Robert Mugabe, is locked up in a bitter ownership wrangle of the mine with Jameson Rushwaya.

“About two months ago, the First Family sent an emissary to Rushwaya to find out what was going on. They realised that Goreraza had been drawn into the fight by businessman Patterson Timba after the later realised he was losing the intriguing battle for control of the mine to Rushwaya,” a source told NewsDay.

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“Given the bad publicity the wrangle has attracted, the First Lady has called her son off the feud. She (Grace) is not as bad as people portray her and on realising that her son was being used for a dirty deed, the First Lady pulled the plug.”

But Goreraza has reportedly roped in hawks from the black empowerment lobby group, Affirmative Action Group, in the form of regional presidents Munya Kashambe (Mashonaland East) and Mike Chimombe (Mashonaland West) amid reports the current vicious push has been fuelled by claims the mine is holding a “stockpile of gold ore”.

While Kashambe was not available for comment, Chimombe confirmed he had helped “broker a deal” between Rushwaya and Goreraza.
“We were involved and helped broker a deal between Goreraza and Rushwaya. Rushwaya, unfortunately, is now changing goalposts and we have adopted a wait-and-see attitude. I last had any involvement in that issue around March this year,” Chimombe said.

“We actually helped Rushwaya return to the mine after he had abandoned it for three years.”

Rushwaya confirmed Goreraza’s involvement to NewsDay, but tried to downplay the dispute. “I heard police went to the mine and spoke to my manager as I was not there. I am yet to get full details of what they really wanted. I have no problem with Goreraza or the First Family. But I have a problem with his (Goreraza’s) allies who are abusing their links to those in power and claiming to be representing the First Family,” Rushwaya said.

Tolrose has almost collapsed after Goreraza took over claiming that he bought shares from Timba.


  1. But this young man enjoys his money, I once saw him in a bar in Bulawayo drinking some very expensive whiskey although it ended in drama as his group got involved in fist fights with Bulawayo muscle men. Hey I saw people crawling under cars when police came. Unfortunately they did not know who Grace’s son was so he also received his baton stick at the back.

  2. After chucking out the bloody imperialists off our mines and farms, we are about to chuck out each other. Black bourgeoisies vs. black proletariat. Animal Farm version 2.1.1: Snowball vs. Napoleon.

  3. Mai is pretending to be nice to buy people’s trust. December congress yasvika kaiyi. Mhuka inemavara. For Russel, it’s nice kuzvarwa naamai vanogona kushandisa gambi kukutsvakira hupfumi. Bomboclat!

  4. People do not portray Grace as a bad person …What comes out of her mouth each time she is on public Fora is rubbish . Her personal conduct and the choice of words she uses in Public gives her a bad image. Grace is her own worst enemy. Just watch a video of hers in Rushinga or any other place or last year videos when she was talking about Mujuru. What i would advise her team is not to cover her live on ZBCtv, but to censor some information and doctor the video, without that she is destroying her own Image.
    What makes it worse for her is the fact that whoever she is bad mouthing is not validating her nonsense by firing back ‘ vari kuita munzwa mundove’ Now she is appearing like a ‘mad women’ , since last year achingopenga. Uku factionalism is getting worse by day.

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