Grace Mugabe heads to Mbare


First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly forced the postponement of a Zanu PF politburo meeting to allow “smooth preparations for her countrywide rallies” that are resuming today.


The politburo, according to party officials was supposed to be held yesterday but has now been slated for next week depending on the availability of President Robert Mugabe.

Grace is today set to address a rally in at Shawasha grounds in Mbare, Harare before heading for Mberengwa in Midlands on Friday and then Murehwa on Saturday where she is set to tackle the unending Zanu PF factional fights in Mashonaland East.

Zanu PF Harare spokesperson, Abicia Ushewokunze said the party has done all it could to host the First Lady in Mbare and was confident of a huge turnout at the rally.

“We are ready for the big day and we are looking forward to a huge turnout. This is a special day to Harare residents to interact and air their grievances to the First Lady,” said Ushewokunze.

NewsDay established that most informal markets in Mbare, such as Mupedzanhamo and Siyaso have been closed to force stall holders to attend the rally.

As early as 6 am, there was a heavy police presence in Mbare while municipal cops in a council truck were seen arresting vendors operating at undesignated sites.

Midlands acting provincial chair, Kizito Chivamba also confirmed that the First Lady will be in the province tomorrow to address another rally.
“We are putting up necessary mechanisms to ensure this visit is helpful to the province and we are going to ensure a huge turnout,” he said.


  1. wonderful shocking results are coming our way. vanity of vanities. chasing after the wind. labour in vain. come 2018.

  2. We as a nation are a bunch of cowards, we have watched whilst everything is falling apart and will continue falling apart whilst these greedy bastards continue to do as they wish with our lives, this woman will be president, as much as she is the least qualified person to lead anything, and all of us just like the cowards we are, will not do anything about it

  3. Rallies rallies rallies that is now the occupation of Zimbabweans. The Politiburo meeting was not postponed for this we know why it was postponed.

  4. By and by, Grace has finally hit her target. Her divide and rule tactic has seen her through from the day she framed up charges on the Mujuru camp. How pathetic that 35 years after independence, the country continues to revolve around one family. Any democratic and economic hope soon? Weird!

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