Grace moves into Mujuru territory

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly moved in to win back the support of Zanu PF officials who were removed from their posts for allegedly working with ousted Vice-President Joice Mujuru, in a bid to build a fresh political chest, NewsDay has been told.


Last week, the First Lady held a rally in Mbare – a constituency held by Tendai Savanhu, one of the former party heavyweights who have been linked to Mujuru’s “Gamatox faction” – and pleaded for party supporters to pardon their legislator.

The First Lady then went to Mberengwa where she held a rally at Mataga centre in a constituency held by Chiratidzo Iris Mabuwa, who is also on a two-year suspension on allegations of working with Mujuru to topple President Robert Mugabe.

Addressing thousands of party supporters in Mbare, the First Lady pleaded for the electorate to pardon Savanhu telling them to work with him. Party insiders told NewsDay that the First Lady wants to position herself as a saviour to most of these politicians who have been suspended and win their loyalty.

“The First Lady is doing so in a bid to destroy whatever the Mujuru team was building, she is luring back some of those who were linked to Mujuru’s team and sending a conciliatory message to the suspended officials and extending an olive branch to them. In the end, she has built a support base and political chest,” a party insider said.

In Mbare, the First Lady told the supporters to pardon Savanhu despite loud public disapprovals from the crowd with some women shouting that he was a sell-out.

From the start of the rally, the First Lady acknowledged Savanhu and told supporters to work with him.

“We all know that he is currently being disciplined…, but please forgive him. We are here to support him and show that he is one of us,” the First Lady said.


“Please forgive him, he has realised his mistakes. I am very serious about this, be like a mother, he is your MP, you voted for him on a Zanu PF ticket. Anyway, I will come back so that we can talk and forgive vaSavanhu.” She spoke as the crowd persistently rejected her calls to pardon the former Lands deputy minister.

After the address, Savanhu went to the First Lady and shook her hands beaming with joy and could be seen sighing a breath of relief as his political career had been given a lifeline.

After Mbare and Mberengwa, the First Lady went to Murehwa, where Uzumba MP and former Provincial Affairs minister Simbaneuta Mudarikwa, who was also kicked out of his government post and booted out of the party’s executive due to links to the Mujuru team also hails from.

Savanhu was suspended from the party for five years on allegations of working with Mujuru, together with Mabuwa and Mudarikwa, who were both suspended for two years.

Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, who has been part of the team travelling with the First Lady, said she chose the three constituencies based on the needs of the people there. He said when a person was suspended from the party, it did not follow that he had been expelled.

“Being suspended does not mean being expelled. And the First Lady can address a rally at any place where she sees a need as the women’s league head,” Kasukuwere said.

Analysts said the First Lady is employing divide-and-rule tactics in the Mujuru camp to ensure that she discourages those who would want to join the mooted People First project are de-motivated.

“This is politics at play, Zanu PF understands that most people can survive when they are in the party and those who were suspended are willing to do anything to ensure their return and become influential. So the First Lady knowing that, she is capitalising on that,” Alexandra Rusero, a Harare based political analyst, said.


  1. Grace is too shallow & confused to have a meaningful political strategy worth any analysts time

  2. chibwido kuma 60,s

    iwe Truth! hapana zva uri kutaura apa. shallow kuita seyi confused kuita seyi. Grace arikugona kuchengeta ma interest a Baba kana pane munhu arikugona kuchenge tedza ma interest emu dhara wake manje ndi Grace. Grace ari kumira mira iwe. I do not think mamwe madzi mai tinga zvikwanise izvi Grace anoda husband yake zve shuwa mumweya nemu chokwadi.

  3. Savias Gangsterkuwere

    Zodwa Marufu’s political career is as long as Matibili’s remaining days. As soon as Matibili goes, so does Zodwa.

    1. It’s not too difficult to love your husband especially when he just happens to be president and worse you suddenly realise the good times are drawing to an end but you still want to cling on to the very last minute. Nothing new there. Ask Helena Ceausescu.

  4. Grace has no brain.

  5. I hate Gire but this been Zim politics you never know. After all those that matters to her are never on social networks posting comments. She could be making headway

    1. Ushe madzoro varume weehe. kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge uine katurike. Grace is worried coz the nation did not take her serious when she attacked Mai Mujuru nemanyepo akawandawanda.Dai Mwari amunzwira nyasha zano ragrace must be exposed soon.

  6. Inga mapoliticians acho anenge akapusa , what has Grace and Bob have to give to ZANU their days are numbered kungo tsvaga wo nyaya. i donot think anyone cares about what Grace saya anymore . Mumusoro make zuva nezuva rine zvaro , no coherence at all

  7. Hero-worship politics at play. 35 years down the line and the public is still ‘enshrined’ in a certain political cocoon. Regrettable!

  8. people are just stupid.these are political prostitues which can be used@ any
    time&dumped wilingly..

  9. Hate her or loathe her Grace is unstoppable imi mafuza she is the referee with the whistle and once she gives you a red card wabaya just like she did to doctor 10% lucky those with yellow cards you can be readmitted into the team.
    Grace we support you come 2018.

  10. Mai vangu vaiti kana kuri kukopa kopa dhoiri rakanaka. Who wants to emulate Giresi? I dont think even Bona is in support of what she is doing. I remember my Grade 6 teacher. Whenever you do something weird , he would tell you that you use your back part to think. I was still young and learning, so I understood him. But now if someone who is said to have PHD shows signs of not using her brain, I really dont know now how to describe her. Empty vessels ……………………………………….

  11. Underestimate Grace at your peril. She is getting political advice and strategy from the veterans, including Bob himself. The strategy is to divide the Mujuru camp and its sympathizers and sow suspicion. And the evidence so far suggest it’s beginning to work. Those who were expelled will only be happy to be rehabilitated and join the gravy train. And who can blame them, these were people accustomed to certain lifestyles. They will only be too happy to come back to the fold. The sooner the Mujuru camp gets its act together, the better for Zim politics. If they prevaricate, it will be a repeat of Makoni/Dabengwa, hot air but no substance or action.

  12. Siyanai naMai vesungano , Mai Mujuru is a good Mother, the problem came from his Advisers , maAdviser akanyepera VaMugabe , zuro ndizuro vakarega President vachienda newrong Speech kuParliament , the Advisers are sellouts , kudzidza hazvirevi kuti mavakuwedzerera nhema , Masvingo Province yatofa nazvoo , next election Zanu P.F isunge dzisimbe , tell President the truth always , Mai Mujuru is a Veteran , she decide to have a People First to the nation ,

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