French military aircraft crash-lands in Masvingo


A French military aircraft believed to be laden with armour, en-route to Zambia, crash-landed at the Masvingo Airport on Saturday night after developing a technical fault, NewsDay established.

By Tatenda Chitagu

The 10 military personnel from France — including one woman — aboard the flight, were not injured after one of the aircraft’s engines and a gearbox developed faults. They had to spend the night holed up in Masvingo before engineers, who were aboard the plane, fixed the problem and they proceeded to Harare at around 11am.

french military plane in masvingo 2

Military sources said the plane was cleared to use Zimbabwe’s airspace. The captain of the plane, whose name could not be established, also had a diplomatic passport.


  1. war chest to obviously fuel some crisis in africa. shame on french government. No reason why a lot of people including psychopaths have issues with your people

  2. Poor journalism. There is a big difference between Crash Landing and Emergency landing.. It is highly unlikely that this was a crash landing.. That plane would have suffered structural damage making it impossible to fix in a few hours.

  3. Newsday should give us better news. I was really confused when I saw the headline today. Crash-landing…no injuries…no damage on the plane…Surely its not crash landing. Please give us better strories.

  4. Investigative journalism 101:Yanga ichibvepi? ku France here? Ko ikozopfuura nemuZimbabwe sei? mazoziva kuti armour sei? mufananidzo ndewe twin engine turbo prop iinonzi Transall C160 .. ndiyo chaiyo here yamhara ku Masvingo? Ko matank anga achiendepi? Ndege iyoyi inogona kushandiswa mubasa re electronic intelligence zvekare.. vanga vachisvagei mu Zimbabwe? Ko air attache weku France anotiyi nazvo?

  5. Crash landing does does have to result in a structural damage. If it was forced to land due to a technical fault then it can be described as crash landing. NewsDay is correct.

    Transitive verb
    : to land (an airplane or spacecraft) under emergency conditions usually with damage to the craft

    verb [I or T] UK US /ˈkræʃ.lænd/
    › to ​land an ​aircraft ​suddenly because of an ​emergency, sometimes ​resulting in ​serious ​damage or ​injuries:

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