Former Triangle boss dies


FORMER Triangle Football Club president Gwendoline Feresu died yesterday as a result of injuries she sustained in a car accident.


Feresu was involved in the accident on Saturday in Pelilendaba, Zaka, while in the company of her brother who survived the crash. She died yesterday morning at Collin Saunders Hospital in Triangle.

Her brother, Jacob Phiri, who was traveling with her when the accident occurred, confirmed Feresu’s death.

Gwendoline Feresu

“She died at about 1am today (yesterday) following injuries she sustained on Saturday,” he said.

“We have not decided on funeral arrangements as yet.”

Feresu was Triangle chairperson when they gained promotion to the top-flight league in 2012.

Her fallout with coach Gishon Ntini led to her resignation.


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