Emily Kachote decries ‘revenge pornography’


FORMER Miss Zimbabwe – Emily Tatanga Kachote – who was stripped of her crown as Miss World Zimbabwe 2015, after nude pictures believed to be hers were leaked into the public, yesterday called on government to enact laws that criminalise what she called “revenge pornography”.


Speaking in Harare during the handover of a petition to legislators, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Tabitha Khumalo, for onward transmission to Parliament to craft the porn law, Kachote said women’s privacy should be protected by the law.

The petition was drafted by Katswe Sistahood, a movement of dynamic young women fighting for the full attainment of women’s sexual and reproductive health rights.

“This is not just my issue. I’m fighting because I want this thing to end,” she said. “Just like every other woman, I want to treasure the special, intimate moments that I have with my boyfriend. As women, we just want to make sure there are laws to protect us.”

Emily Tatanga-Kachote

She said as women, they did not want to live with fear lurking over their lives, that pictures or videos taken in their private moments would be leaked into the public domain.

Kachote said the leakage of one’s pictures captured during their private moments had far-reaching repercussions and affected more people than just the one in the pictures.

“This is not only about me as Emily. It’s also about the Kachote brand. Everyone with the surname Kachote will be defined by that, so it destroys careers and lives,” she said.

She said against that backdrop, she wanted Parliament to enact laws to protect women.

“Globally, as women, we are the ones who are seen as loose (morally) and we are defined by our breasts yet society is very forgiving of men (caught up in scandals),” she said.

Revenge pornography is a phenomenon involving non-consensual publication of privately captured sexually explicit material, particularly by bitter former lovers out to distress, harm and ruin their former lovers.


  1. nxaa tingatozvinetsa nekuisa mitemo yekuprotector mahure instead of fixing our economy. Enda wooenzera mabiyangu, ndokutaika kwawaakuita pamhene padodai pano

  2. start by not taking pics in the nude! start by protecting yourself before asking anybody out there to do it for you! it’s your life, its your image, its your responsibility to protect yourself

  3. josh you have well spoken its an indivudual`s responsbility not government coz government wont be there when you take nude pics why burden our already burdened gvt they have better laws to look into be mature and responsible as an individual

  4. you know self respect is essential for one to be respected by everyone else out there.
    Emily you were wrong to pose nude at first thus you would have thought of your family name not for someone to think of that on your behalf. it becomes a fact that if you can pose nude it means morally you are loose. so don’t cry foul coz you are at fault.

  5. @josh. Can’t agree more. What is she saying, in the first place? That she wants to record porn and ask the state to craft laws to patent those porn recordings? Don’t pretend to be stupid Emily, we know you are not!

  6. I don’t think Law should be enacted everytime somethings personal goes wrong like this. I understand the emotions behind the petition and how much she feels she needs to be protected. Laws may protect you by punishing the perpetrator but it will not be able to delete the consequences of your behaviour. Its like suing someone for deliberately infecting you with HIV, it will not change your status. Stay out of trouble…..and you will need not anyboby to protect you.

  7. The law must not be abused to protect stupidity. Why pose in the nude for someone who you are not even married to to keep your pics. I don’t quite understand, why would one keep a nude pic for what really. This is a stupid idea, petition Parly on serious matters not these choice issues

  8. I beg to differ with all comments posted and support Emily. She raised some valid points, eg, remembering her intimate moments with her boyfriend. The fact that the pics are taken privately means that they should remain pvt. If she wanted them to be public then she would have called ZBC to broadcast it live. The guys who publicise those pics are doing it out of jealousy and not anything else. So she deserves to be protected by the govt. In fact the person who leaks them to the public should be prosecuted for possession of porn material. At the end of the day, the woman is always the victim here, why? After Stunner did his tape with Pokello, no one said a thing about him, but all fingers pointed to her. Why? So its good for men to record porn tapes but bad for women? Lets be fair guys.

  9. What privacy when you strip naked in front of a man, it stops to be private, yes if taken whilst in the bathroom or bedroom changing clothes fine not posing nude and you want to claim privacy. Why do our women want to pose in the nude anyway?

  10. Its understandable for a young couple deeply in love to take pictures of themselves in the nude or do whatever they please, that’s what love is all about. Its just that when the relationship comes to an end, people must learn to part ways amicably

  11. This is jurisprudential guys, should law protect morality by means of codifying certain kinds of behavior by the society or law is there to protect individual rights? These philosophically questions are answered differently and they are subjective. I agree that we agree to disagree my fellow brothers and sisters, will never reach a consensus on this subject. Emily and crew might feel that its their right to protect their privacy from any kind of intrusion by any person. Then my stupid questions are, what is pornography? What is the nature of the law in Zimbabwe on pornography i.e is pornography permitted in Zimbabwe? Their petitioner is it not repugnant to the standing laws of the country?
    if they are to answer these questions positively, probably they have a matter.

  12. @Darha dee , i don’t think you understand what Emily on her statement for me the way i see it i think she is jus trying to play stupid and fools out of people,

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