Don’t make another mistake: Juul


ASPIRING Zifa president Trevor Carelse Juul has urged councillors to vote in the best interests of local football.
The councillors will elect a new Zifa board on December 5 to see through the last two years of the Cuthbert Dube-led administration which was deposed for incompetence.


Juul will square off against politician Philip Chiyangwa, former Harare City chairman Leslie Gwindi and former Warriors defender James Takavada for the post of Zifa president.

Addressing journalists after watching the Castle Premiership encounter between Highlanders and Tsholotsho at Barbourfields Stadium on Sunday, Juul urged the media to play a leading role in holding football leaders accountable for their actions.

“We all have a responsibility, it’s all about understanding the game and understanding the people and you journalists have the responsibility to let the councillors know what the people want,” he said.

“That they cannot come and make another mistake and then go and try to remove a man after a year and a half, no, then they are also responsible,” he added.


The former Eagles and Dynamos player, coach and administrator said he has received overwhelming support from councillors that he has met with and expressed confidence that he can spring a surprise come December 5.

“Since my arrival, I have met with a number of people and all were positive and they are saying, ‘Trevor, you have to do it, you have to do it this time. We realise we made a mistake last time, but we have corrected it and we need you to come and give our football direction and bring back the glory’,” Juul said.

Having led Zifa briefly during the era of the Dream Team, which, however, failed to make it to the Africa Cup of Nations and World Cup finals, he said this time around the dream has to be turned into reality.

He said: “Now let’s go from Dream Team to reality, which is what we are looking at now. Let’s take the dream and make it a reality. Through football we can generate wealth, I am talking about a position where we have a sustainable revenue stream and sustainable development.”

Juul called for collective participation in the bid to wipe out Zifa’s $6 million debt.

He bemoaned the poor attendances that have become a common feature at local stadia and said a collective approach was needed to get the fans back.

“In my days the stadia were full and that’s why we have to get the people back in. We have got to get people participating and getting the results we want and that involves collectivism. Collectivism means we are all involved, so that we have a collective responsibility. It is our collective responsibility to drive home success and have victory together. That is what we want, we all want to win.”

Juul said he has in place a programme of action for his first 100 days in office.

This would include bringing in an international accounting firm to conduct an audit that would establish the exact state of financial affairs at Zifa.

“The first 100 days are very important. I have a programme set already and we will bring in an international accounting company to audit the books so that we understand exactly where we are.”

An accomplished businessman on the African continent, Juul expressed sadness at the plight of former players and said under his leadership, structures would be put in place to ensure grassroots development thrives and footballers do not struggle to make ends meet upon retirement.

He met his former players Chicken Inn coach Joey Antipas, who has just won the league championship, and former Eagles, Hwange and Highlanders keeper Johannes Tshuma.

Last year, Juul lost out to Dube, who was then booted out of office by the same councillors who had overwhelmingly voted him into office.


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