Deadly hazard for Sunway City Park residents


These houses in Sunway City Park near Ruwa appear to have been built close to high voltage pylones thereby posing danger to residents in the event of the power lines collapsing.


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  1. Why do the Newsday or Daily News reporters not go to Auds Hill and Augustine Chihuri’s Gletwyn on the Enterprise road where they can see the 132Kv Dema to Coleford power line over houses. The title deeds prohibit this unsafe conduct.
    Officials in the Harare Council turned a blind eye to this incompetence under instructions from ex-Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi.

  2. A whole city council authorised the sale and construction of a house under deadly electricity pylons. I can’t believe it.

    • Hehehehehehehehe pidigu dhii zvangu
      haaa ndiwe une yese iwe
      magetsi acho indeed anenge abvepi naiyo
      Zimbabwe Electricity Shuvirai (kuti) Ariko !11

  3. This reporter is not well informed and has not done his research . What section of the council bylaws prohibits this? I live in kingswood , Hull in england and my house is in close proximity in exactly the same fashion as in the article. And the lines are live 24/7

  4. makuzviona nhasi, these houses were built around 2010. The blame should go to the land surveyors who produced the layout plan without paying attention to powerline servitudes. Also the developer is to blame, instead of leaving out these stands he chose to sell them . Again the buyers are a stupid lot for buying stands under a powerline, unless if they were allocated in their absence maybe after a long time of paying contributions. ndoozvakaipira kutenga chinhu chausati waona, hanzi hheee servicing 50% complete hee chii chii.

  5. This is gross incompetence and blatant violation of Town Planning Laws.This is bonkers to say the least,a preparation for homicide.As long as someone’s pockets are filled in with money is all that matters,other people’s lives are not important.My advice to these people is get out as soon as possible before you combust into charcoal alive.

  6. Newsday is mad as far as this picture is concerned,their is a minimum distance with which a house should be constructed from the electricity pylon.These houses have been built after taking this minimum distance requirements.Please be objective in your picture journalism please.

    • The Seller / Buyer have to take note of the same.
      Some crooked Urban Planners take no heed.
      Note that the surveyor generals office is full of incompetents and crooks.

    • Kana newewo hauoni danger here apo?????????????? Usadaro mkwenyana. Tambo ikagurwa eg in a violent storm it can easily straddle/ lay on top of those houses and we are talking of huge amounts of voltage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which will begin viloent fire with possible loss of life.hona tuFana turi kutambira pasi pemaPower line!!!!!!!!!! Asiyana neenyu ekuRokesheni anenge asina simba this is a REAL Danger!!! heads should roll

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