Cop jailed for stealing laptop


A ZIMBABWE Republic Police officer has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment after he was convicted of stealing a laptop worth $350.


Tawedzerwa Cleutous Chanda will, however, serve eight months behind bars after the other four months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

Chanda had pleaded not guilty to the charge before magistrate Reward Kwenda, where he argued that he had bought the stolen laptop from someone else.

Harare Magistrates’ Court

The court heard that on November 3, Chanda went to Antony Moore’s house and gained entry into the house by forcing open an unlocked door.

Chanda then took the laptop which was on a bed before fleeing the room, but was seen by Moore’s neighbour, who was outside.

The court further heard that the neighbour then informed Moore that he had seen Chanda leave his room with a laptop.

Moore went on to make a police report, leading to Chanda’s arrest.

Investigations carried out by the police led to the recovery of the laptop from Chanda’s house.

Funwell Madanhire appeared for the State.


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