Chinx’s ‘award’ house still to be completed


FINANCIAL problems appear to be hindering progress towards the completion of a house that was promised to liberation war music icon Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira by organisers of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) in recognition of his immense contribution to the Chimurenga struggle.


The Roger Confirm singer was accorded the Chairman’s Award at a ceremony held at the Harare International Conference Centre in November last year, which came along with the four-bedroom house in Mabelreign.

It is understood that several partners, who had earlier promised to join hands with Zima to bankroll the project, shifted goal posts resulting in the delay of the completion of a house.

The Zimbabwe Music Awards ZIMA Chairman Dickson Chingaira awarded Cde Chinx for being the lifetime music  achiever

“We might have missed the initial target, but we have not abandoned the project, construction work is still in progress it is only that it’s a big project that needs money hopefully will be able to complete it soon,” Zima spokesperson Farai Chapoterera said.

“Besides the house, we have been working on a documentary that chronicles Chinx’s life to be launched on the day the house will be handed to him.”

Zima chairperson, Joseph Nyadzayo admitted that the project is an ambitious and challenging one.

“Building a house is a marathon not a sprint. It is a marathon we have all enjoyed here at Zima, which shall culminate in the hand-over ceremony that shall be witnessed by the media on a date best decided by the engineers and managers of the construction project,” he said.