Carelse Juul meets deadline


Aspiring Zifa president, Trevor Carelse Juul met yesterday’s deadline to resubmit his nomination papers after he had been directed to provide additional information by the electoral committee.


His election agent, Stanley Makombe submitted the forms yesterday at Zifa House and expressed confidence that the nomination would sail through, this time.

The electoral commission will announce the final list of the Zifa board election candidates on Sunday, but by then Juul would have already learnt whether he will be able to contest against Phillip Chiyangwa, Leslie Gwindi and James Takavada for the top post on December 5.

The forms of the South Africa-based businessman had been rejected by the Zifa electoral committee, who ordered he provide information proving he has been resident in Zimbabwe for the past five years as well as fingerprints and a police clearance addressed to the Zifa electoral committee as required by the Zifa constitution.

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) was also asked to furnish Zifa with information regarding his suspension.
However, the SRC leapt to his defence yesterday, saying although he was suspended at some point, the suspension had since been lifted.

“What we know is that the whole Zifa board was suspended by the Sports Commission when Alwyn Pichanick was SRC chairman. The reason for the suspension was failure to remit levies. Trevor was interim chairman and the suspension was only up to the elections the following year, which ushered in the Leo Mugabe executive,” SRC spokesperson, Tirivavi Nheweyembwa said.

SRC director of sports development, Joseph Muchechetere echoed the same sentiments.


“My understanding is that a suspension has a specific period. I don’t have much details at hand, but I know he was suspended for a short period before the elections, which ushered in the Leo Mugabe executive,” he said

A confident Makombe emerged from the Zifa offices to announce that they had met requirements of the electoral committee.

“When we made reference to the law we made sure we resubmitted the nomination forms in accordance with the law. We have indeed submitted the nomination forms and are confident Trevor will be accepted as one of the presidential candidates,” he enthused.

Makombe also took a dig at Juul’s detractors saying, the South Africa based businessman would remain focused despite the tantrums being thrown at him.

He said even if it’s assumed Juul was suspended, the suspension should have lapsed since it happened in the 90s.

“Let me put it straight to fans of Trevor and the sponsors that he was never suspended as some people allege. Even if we assume he was suspended by the Sports Commission that suspension should have lapsed, since it happened in the 90s. Trevor is a law abiding citizen and we are guided by the laws of this country so we have submitted the nomination forms in accordance with those laws,” Makombe said.

He said that they were confident the nomination papers would be accepted.

“We believe Juul will be cleared to compete with other presidential candidates that have been cleared. He will not withdraw his candidature despite all the tantrums being thrown at him by his detractors. All supporters are waiting in anticipation of his confirmation as one of the presidential candidates despite all that is being said about him. He remains focused and believes in inclusivity because Zimbabwean football is divided,” Makombe said.

He said the country’s laws allow dual citizenship and that the issue of residence cannot be contested.

According to Article 32(4) of the Zifa constitution: “Members of the executive committee shall have already been active in football administration for at least five years, must not have been previously found guilty of a criminal offence as defined under criminal law and have residency within the territory of Zifa.”

Asked how Juul would conduct Zifa business as president since he was based in South Africa, Makombe said the same Zifa appointed Ian Gorowa, who was based in South Africa, who did well during his reign as Warriors coach.

“It’s the same Zifa that appointed former Warriors coach, Ian Gorowa who was based in South Africa and he did well as coach of the Warriors. In any case, flying from South Africa is shorter than driving from Mutare,” Makombe said.

Juul, who contested and lost to Cuthbert Dube in the 2014 elections, was ordered to provide information proving that he has been resident in Zimbabwe for the past five years as well as fingerprints and a police clearance addressed to the Zifa electoral committee.

The Electoral Committee is set to meet on Friday to finalise vetting of the candidates.


  1. “uul, who contested and lost to Cuthbert Dube in the 2014 elections, was ordered to provide information proving that he has been resident in Zimbabwe for the past five years as well as fingerprints and a police clearance addressed to the Zifa electoral committee.”
    If he was allowed to contest against Cashbert last year 2014, why are these requirements for ZIFA – ZEC? please respond.

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  3. arent these the same guys who lasted veted carelse-juul in 2014 wen he lost 2 dube.wat is their intention for all this frustation to this guy.his a potential winner&its clear considering his back ground on the game.gwindi is tried&tested and nothing to offer,chiyangwa doesnt involve him self in any thing for charity&the other guy fine but no support.we need some1 who can change the game&its image not the other way buying wil lead us no way.

  4. bus stop yepa na 4th ..panomira mabhazi ekwaMutare…passengers are getting harrassed day in day out nema“whindi“ broad daylight…ko ma journalist edu aripiko..and where are the law enforcement officers…hapatombodi mainvestigations apa…crime is happening in broad day light..and nobody seem to care….vakadzi vanenge vachingobatwa batwa…etc…haaya

  5. How do you pronounce his name? I will wait for someone to help me. In the meantime, I will call him Trevor Careless Juru.

  6. All these election agents and journalist have been bribed to ensure this fellow does not contest.With this kind of conditions we might end up having another Dube in office again.

  7. Was this the same Carlese Juul who skipped the country a few years ago to run away from police for money laundering.

  8. Its shocking what money can do.All the journalists are behaving like Chiyangwa’s election agents.I bet the voting councillors are falling over each other for bribes from Chiyangwa.History is going to judge the current generation for acquiescing to the destruction of local football by a cabal few journalists and councillors.surely, why all these superfluous and totally unnecessary conditions are now being mentioned now against Juul ,when the same Juul once was cleared against those conditions before , is unbelievable to say the least. Obviously, Juul, realistically is the only one who can pose a formidable challenge against Chiyangwa and they would want him out of the way.This issue I believe will definately spill into courts for adjudication, for those who we have out forward to preside over such issues have already taken sides.Its going to be a contest of how good one is at bribing councillors.And to ask the same councillors to adjudicate over the Juul issue will be like asking hungry hynaes to be midwives to a goat giving birth, we all know the result.

    The sole criterion for voting people into that August office is passion and love for the game period, not prestige.We are now surprised that Chiyangwa is now visible, sponsoring national team and womens team and the question now is where was he when Zifa was facing financial challenges. Surely no one was stopped from sponsoring soccer thats why Magaya has been supporting soccer consistently.

    One wonders again where the other gurus in soccer are.Where is Charles Mabika surely he could have been a better candidate. Zimbabwe needs people whose involment in soccer is traceable and beyond dispute.Kuti vaChiyangwa was involved in a lowly team called Citrus by virtue of him being being the owner of the farm from which the team hailed from and to have that accepted by the nominating committe is the hieght of hypocrisy and clearly emblematic of the level of the scorge of corruption that has bedivilled administration of sport.Chiyangwas failure in business has been clearly been documented.look at what he did to Zeco its shocking.

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