Breakthrough for Zim author in South Africa


A CONTROVERSIAL book by a South Africa-based Zimbabwean author, Meluleki Sibanda (32), has attracted the attention of that country’s literary scene, as it reflects the modern African psyche, bringing a fresh perspective in motivational poetry and tackling contemporary issues such as culture, religion and love.


The book, titled Kunjani Nxa Kunje, is set to be launched at Hillbrow Recreation Centre soon, has been described as a must-read.
Sibanda’s breakthrough follows the recent success of Izigaba Zakwandonga Ziyaduma, which she co-authored with nine writers as well as a 12-poem anthology titled Sigiya Ngolwethu.

Both books received overwhelming response after their launch in South Africa.


“I had to write about issues affecting our culture and stir serious debate among the characters so that the significance of our culture can be valued. After reading the book, one will realise that everyone has their own culture,” he said.

“The book will be sent to Bulawayo and soon, we will have our book launch back home. The book is written with deep proverbs and idioms, which are explained at the back of the novel. This book is targeted at secondary schools and tertiary colleges.”

The talented motivational writer, who hails from Kezi, is also part of Abalobi Bakithi a non-profit organisation that promotes indigenous Southern African languages, particularly Ndebele.


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