Breaking :Zanu PF ‘killer’ kills self


PROUD Mupambwa the Zanu PF activist who last week reportedly axed his two colleagues over political positions in the ruling party is no more.


Mupambwa was set to appear in court tomorrow charged with murder but impeccable sources told NewsDay that he apparently “killed himself” while in police holding cells.


The Chitungwiza based ruling party activist reportedly axed two colleagues in a violent fit of rage following the Zanu PF district restructuring exercise last week.


Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed the incident and said that investigations are still underway.

The story was first published in the Standard: Click here for the full story


  1. Idzi ndo mhepo chaidzo. Killing someone becoz of political positions? So, what have you achieved? NOTHING. La politica es una juego sucio.

    • Its breaking news – you need time to confirm the other details – you can not get a full story from something that just happened

  2. He has denied the law to take its course. After brutally ending two family man lives the only thing which was going to comfort the departed families was a proper punishment on this thug

  3. vazomupedzisa vega nekunyara,hokoyo musangano.more such incidents to come for as long there is no unity on the top,vanopedzana chete.big names wil also appear in this zanupf movie.

  4. This is very strange policing. Surely ZRP knew this man was unstable and had just murdered 2 people so he was dangerous. This man should have been kept under surveillance in custody. This is inefficiency of the highest order by ZRP.

    • No no no. Its an inside job. He was eliminated to save face. This case has so many witnesses. So to end it just eliminate the culprit. Case closed for now. What they dont know is vanhu havarovi. Its just another start for other cases of this nature. Kusvika Zanu yacho yazo bvuma. Wait for Vic Falls next week. And again wait till Mugabe dies. Pachaita chapwiti madhodhi e mheni. Kkkkkkkkk

  5. @ Ndoro ah wandisekesa ‘vazomupedzisa vega nekunyara’ over the weekend ndaka batikana about these senseless killings , but your statement yandi setsa. Hanzi nyadzi dzino kunda rufu.

  6. Munhu aurawa uyu no doubt. He was going to spill the beans on the magnitude of the ZANU PF infighting and his testimony would expose the leading players in the factional fights.

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