Anglican suspends Kunonga ally over misconduct

MUTARE-based Evangelical Anglican Church International (EACI) Bishop Elson Jakazi and a former ally of ex-communicated Anglican Bishop for Harare, Norbert Kunonga, has been suspended for alleged misconduct.



A letter from the church’s national conference dated October 31, 2015 said Jakazi was being suspended in terms of section 30 (1)(4) of the church’s constitution.

Jakazi, who was fired from the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) in 2012 after a protracted court process, is accused of committing various acts of misconduct.

The misconducts include unbecoming behaviour of a bishop, wilfully contravening the church’s constitution, general neglect of duties after admonition by a legally constituted body and exercising veto powers on resolutions of the national council.

“Allegations of contravening section 30(1)(vii) of the constitution are based on the fact that you refused to have the national conference held on October 30 and 31 2015, despite it being stated in the constitution that the national conference should be held at least not less than once in two years,” the letter stated.

It is alleged Jakazi briefly attended the national conference at the church headquarters in Mutare on October 30, 2015 and left after saying he was not agreeable to its holding, despite the national council having agreed to it through a two-thirds majority.

“It is further alleged that you interfered with decisions of various commissions and resultantly, the commissions failed to perform their duties efficiently. By conducting yourself in such a manner, you, therefore, violated chapter 9:13 of the constitution,” the letter read.

Jakazi was ordered to surrender the church’s assets, property and documents.
He was ordered not to visit the church headquarters, church premises and not to interfere with church employees and officials.

Contacted for a comment, Jakazi said: “I have not received the letter you are talking about. Where did you get that letter from and who wrote that letter?”

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  1. Bothwell Mugariri

    This thieving idiot showed haw Zanu pf brought religion into disrepute…

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