AMHVoices:Thumbs up for Zinara


We should all applaud Zimbabwe National Road Authority (Zinara) for completing the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo (formerly Airport Road) Road. This was brought to fruition because of the toll fees collected from the national highways. The state of the road is a cut above the rest.



The Airport Road project has proved that parastatals can deliver if they are properly managed and this has been proved by Zinara as opposed to other parastatals which are not performing. The parastatals in Zimbabwe used to contribute more than 35% of the gross domestic product (GDP). These days the parastatals are actually draining the fiscus and characterised by incompetence and mismanagement.

The Zimbabwe government formulated ZimAsset as a new trajectory for economic growth and wealth creation. The results-based agenda is built around strategic clusters that seeks to enable Zimbabwe to achieve economic growth and reposition the country as one of the strategic economies in the region.

The four strategic structures are food and nutrition, social services and poverty eradication, infrastructure and utilities; and value addition and beneficiation. We are the most literate nation in Africa. It is a fact, like it or hate it. It is time to revise what the government proposes for us and make informed contributions towards the rebuilding of our nation.

Zinara has tried by all means to achieve what is set in Zimbabwe’s economic blueprint by utilising the funds collected from toll fees and other related charges. This has been achieved because of competent and professional leadership. The Airport Road has been given a primary status and that means it would be given a budget for its maintenance.

Zinara has also taken the social responsibility of donating school furniture to the nearby Hatfield Primary School.

At this point in time it sounds quite plausible and valid to say hats off to Zinara. Keep up the standards and continue on doing a good service to the nation.


  1. Its also good for private papers to write positive about developments in our country. Remember like mothers , we have one country and its ours. Good article this.

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  2. The Airport Road looks good, no doubt. But before I take off my hat to Zinara, can we have details on how long it took to construct the road and for how much. I will keep my hat on, even in the summer heat, if they took more than two years and used a incommensurate budget. When analyzing the performance of parastatals, key parameters are efficiency, value for money, turn-round period and effectiveness. Just looking at deliverables is not good enough. Surely, you can’t applaud me for building a classroom block at St. Nyoka Primary School in my rural area over 6 years using $1.5m worth of resources!

  3. While we applaud Zinara for doing something tangible on the Airport Road when Augur Investments and City of Harare failed to deliver, we will be more pleased if they complete the project with the original design. We were told by the City of Harare that this stretch of road will have 5 flyovers and it is something we would like to see being done. There is room for improvement on the quality of work though. Another area of concern for me is the Mbudzi round about, given the huge volumes of traffic during peak hours, wouldn’t it be better to construct a flyover and remove that round about.

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  4. we thank zinara about the project but the problem is they dont do follow ups after the project.they should monitor those solar panels and back up batteries there are prone to vandalism and theft

  5. The depths we have plunged as a country are evident when we applaud a stretch of road spanning a few kilometres as progress. There is nothing to celebrate over a very overpriced road that has been delivered way behind schedule. Imagine we would have a national holiday if the much touted Beitbridge to Chirundu dualisation is completed, albeit in 2030…….

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  6. the effort put on that road was to create an impression that things are well in Zimbabwe..Why the airport road only.We need want equal standards for all road networks in Zimbabwe ..all i see here is an attempt to put cosmetics on a dead dont fool us

  7. we really appreciate whats being done by Zinara, bt our hearts are really bleeding on our Harare – Beitbridge highway where road carnage has been the talk of the day and again its the busiest which links the whole region. food for thot

  8. In Botswana and South Africa, it is shameful to celebrate completion of a 10-km road project. The only road project worth celebrating is Beitbridge-Harare.

  9. zvokwadi stan, wabaya gudo nemukanwa chaimo, Harare – Beitbridge highway iyi taikumbiravo neNyasha dzaMwari kuti igadziriswe.

  10. There is nothing to celebrate there, only appreciate the duty done by zinara. We should be looking to real progress not such mediocrity to the extent of celebrating and appreciating short change. Its not even a tip of what progress is though appreciable. This mediocrity haha.

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