AMHVoices:Spare children from marriages


Let’s all condemn child marriages. Marriage is part of life and a door to enter a new world, but when this entry has been forcefully made earlier than expected, then that is the time of life when difficulties and problems arise.


Rushing to get married is not at all appreciated from any point of view, so I urge teenagers to wait and also parents must not force children into marriage until they are mature enough to cope with the challenges that come with marriage and enjoy a successful life ahead.

Every individual learns positive and negative things from life experiences. The burden of early marriage never lets him/her learn and act positively in life because relationship coupled with family is always creating unpredictable situations to cope with.

The children who get married early usually face the problems of lack of education. It is a fact that education is the foundation of life and the survival of an individual without it is very difficult. But how can a young boy or a girl get education when he/she is married off too early? This becomes the responsibility of parents to give their children a good education so that they can face the challenges of tomorrow in an effective way.

Some religions believe in girl child early marriage, but healthcare professionals around the globe have proved that there is a health risk for girls who fall pregnant early. There is a higher chance of miscarriage, anaemia, premature birth and high infant mortality rate.

Early pregnancy also affects the girl child whose body is not yet fully formed to handle the pressures that come with the pregnancy. The girl is also prone to obstetric fistula.

Do not overburden children with responsibilities they are not ready to handle. Give them the chance to grow, learn and choose who they want to be with in life. Give them opportunities you were probably denied growing up
Let the children grow!


  1. The problem has to be dealt with, with an idea of looking at the root cause many Zimbabweans are poor because of our cheap politiking. For personal gain all this is centred on the type of governance. That is the root cause

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