AMHVoices:Overhaul of civil service most welcome


The move by the Cabinet to approve the civil service audit which has been on the books for some time is a welcome development which should see the rationalisation of all the civil service operations in the country, so that the government can be able to channel resources to their expected destinations without problems.

By Mukachana Hanyani,Our Reader


Rationalisation of the civil service would save money for the government as it has been struggling to service essential sectors of the economy because of the bloated situation in the civil service.

Of late, there has been some reports of ghost workers as well as duplication of certain positions within the civil service as two different employees in different ministries would seem to be doing the same type of work.

So the audit and the rationalisation would see such anomalies rectified and the government would be able to save money which can assist in the revival of the economy of the country.

Financial resources will then be channelled to essential services like health and education.

Government has been struggling to make ends meet and that raft of changes which it has introduced in the public service would give it breathing space in terms of saving resources.

People have also been questioning the rationale behind government in paying salaries for private school teachers yet the same schools were being run on commercial basis, with government getting nothing in return. So the move to let private institutions pay the salaries of teachers is a welcome development that would see government saving a lot of money.

Even the re-introduction of bus fares for civil servants using the public service buses is a welcome development that would bring the much-needed revenue to Treasury.

It is a fact that some affected individuals might cry foul over such drastic measures, but the move was long overdue.

Such decisions should be applauded as government cannot keep on offering free services to people. Some civil servants get transport allowances every month and then opt to use the public service buses freely from their residential areas to work and back home.

On the other hand, some private schools have been charging exorbitant fees to their students and paying their teachers’ salaries on top of what the government would have offered, leaving those in government schools green with envy.


  1. If u have nothing to celebrate shut yo bacteria infested mouth munyori. You never mentioned the harsh conditions we are working in. Y didnt you mention poor gvmnt asi kufara kubvisirwa $20 paka$300. Heartless munyori.

  2. civil servants are alredy burdened with too little salaries.this will only act as a tax to poor civil servants .gvt is simply running away from its responsibilities and efficiency will further be affected as people moonlight to compensate for the loss in income.


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