AMHVoices:Open letter to Chiyangwa


I hope this letter finds Phillip Chiyangwa well. I would like to open my heart in complete honesty hoping that by the time the king of selfies, as Chiyangwa is also know by his followers,finishes reading my letter, he would sit down and give a second thought to his decision to contest for the Zifa presidency.



Please do not misconstrue this letter as an attack on your person, but rather treat it as advice that will save you embarrassment from your impending loss in the December 5 elections.

I will bet my last cent that you will not win the mandate to ‘mislead’ Zimbabwe football. This is because of all the contesting candidates, you are the worst.

I am confident that Zimbabweans, as learned as they are, will not be fooled to elect a clown to lead their football.

Yes, a jester you are sir, for there is no better adjective to describe you following your childish selfies on YouTube.

I did not intend to write to you sir, but after discovering that you have developed a knack for insulting and attacking whoever challenges your suitability for contesting the elections, I decided to speak on behalf of the millions of Zimbabweans.

What irritates me more is that, you think having more money than everyone else gives you the passport to be a law unto yourself. No, Mr Chiyangwa.

You think having money gives you the right to decide which questions to answer during interviews.

It’s a pity that a serious contender for the highest post in Zimbabwe football does not know what the acronyms Cosafa, Fifa or Caf mean.

It is for this simple reason that Zimbabweans will not let themselves be used to further your political aspirations through football, because they are not objects of trade neither are they robots without souls.

I will not dwell much on your much-publicised selfies, which border on a primitive show of egomania.

It is disgusting, to say the least, how a man of your age can parade himself in such humiliating fashion.
I wonder how your children feel about that, but I am sure it embrasses them.

I am optimistic that the councillors are just enjoying your money and benevolence, if your are buying votes, while tightening their boots kuzorovera bhora musango kwete kuna Phidza (shoot wide, not at goal).

While I am not trying to do a public relations stunt for Trevor Carelse Juul, I believe he is better than you, because he has a proven track record in football administration.

It was during Juul’s tenure that Zimbabwe enjoyed its best football, with the trailblazing Dream Team, only missing by a whisker qualifying for the World Cup.

Of course, this was after he had convinced the legend Bruce Grobelaar to play for his mother country.

Just this small piece of history, when compared to your cooked and panel beaten curriculum vitae, puts Juul in a steady position to triumph against you.

It is clear that you have no credible history in football administration and the teams you claim to have administered were minority boozer clubs masquerading as professional teams.

That you have associated yourself with a shadowy group purporting to represent supporters by the name Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters’ Association has not helped your case.

It is not a secret that this is a group of power hungry men, who have embraced your generosity by agreeing to bootlick you.

I may go on and on Mr Selfies, but this is simply to remind you that, yes, you may fool some Zimbabweans and a small bunch of councillors, but you will never fool all of us.

Whoever told you that money can buy you everything must be feeling pity for you.

I say so because the belief that you are the richest person in Zimbabwe has gotten to your head, such that you are embarrassing yourself unwittingly.

You have become so petty and kindergarten that one may not be blamed for doubting your sanity.

Please Phidza, spare us the jokes and selfies by steering clear of our football, for with you in the game it will be stripped of its name, the world’s most beautiful game.

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  1. Analysis spot on. I urge all ZIFA councillors to eat this fool’s money, and then Bhora musango! As for ‘Mboma’ NyatangaI, how much money were you given by this fat Chiyangwa thug so your bogus organisation can endorse him? ZIFA to be a led by a fat, pompous clown? NEVER!!

  2. One more question Phillip you may care to answer is, exactly which successful business have you operated? Its public knowledge that you are just a dealer and fraudster whose even masquerades (read) lies that you a a muzukuru waBob. Can we put you in the same league of successful Zimbabwean businesspeople with visible and tangible businesses like Strive Masiyiwa? Definitely no, they say ”empty cans make the most noise”.

    • Phillip is from the Beperere house n Bob is from the Chidziva house which are actualy rooted from one base n this have nothing to do with the Zifa elections. the bottom line is that he is not a football person n haaite. let the guys blow the dealer’s money n vote wisely OK.

  3. those are your thoughts shamwari,hausi spokesperson wevanhu vemu Zimbabwe iwewe,isu tinongoda munhu ane mari azopota achibatsira our broke zifa coffers chete.adminstration dzinoita nana CEO azvinei na Zifa President izvozvo saka in short im saying BHORA KUNA PHIDZA!!!!

  4. Football and any organisation in this country doesnt need money but individuals who have a passion for the game and are able to harness the football talent in this nation so that our football can be exciting thus it will get sponsorship from corporates and the supporters will come enmasse to the stadiums ,thats how zifa should make money .we dont need handouts from people who are dodgy and knows nothing about either business or soccer

  5. @ Majetsha, the point is that if you claim what you are not, its called lying in general terms. In business is called fraud. Thus Phillip cannot be entrusted with such an important responsibility if he is a liar and a fraudster. Tinenge tangopinza gonzo mudura.

  6. get away mhani phidza kudi..regai kutipinza mu feeling face uyu haana kana passion nebhora ..chinoziikanwa hapana..gonzi mudura..beware

  7. sure ths p guy is a scam. Bigger prblm is those who vote in this election a poor and they want his money 4 personal gains not 4 development of the sport. Its a shame they will vote 4 him

  8. Ibundu recash here iro ririkutambidzwa maSheff ayo? Vabva vatengwa masikati machena kudaro here nhai???????

    Zvinonyadzisa izvo

  9. Mazimboz please, just this one time only lets prove that we are not the worst nation or a cursed nation that looks at no other thing except money.

    Phil please hauite, hauite… This vote buying is not good for the nation, The only honourable thing you can do, is to step down.

    Money is not everything, it is professionalism that we require, and rightfully you can be compared to Carelse Juul.

    Aint you the one akambonzi akanga otengesa state secrets kuMozambique. I’m not sure if you arent forgive me, Im truly sorry, but all the same Zimbabwe does not need a clown in this post.
    Cuthbert Dube would be a better candidate than yourself.

  10. Zanu will will even if the whole world votes against it. we have alot of people against Phidza here but come elections, you shall all wonder how he won, thats Zanu for you guys, zvinoda Jesu chete chete.

  11. Trevor Carelse Juul is the man. Chiyangwa – we would be like mnoving back and forth trying to nurture his ambitions – he is the sort of bad news we do not want to hear about.

  12. the analysis is coming from a hater, sorry bhururu, if you thought Zifa were everlasting and you made money out of it manje zvapera, hakuna, iyoyo
    From the 5 December count 90days and what changes would have happened to Zifa and the start of the new season would be glamorous like never before.

    at the end players will have stands, contribute to GDP

  13. Juul is like Nyatanga. the little time he had to head our football affairs he failed to remit dues to SRC what of you give him 5yrs we will be suspended from playing any form of football.

    if C Dube was not Gamatox, all was going to be well with him, he just got big headed and failed. RIP Dube.

    ZIFA CEO is the Administrator of all football matters, what we need is a person who can give this Administrator ample time and resources undertake his duties diligently.

    Getting Government to fund and call on stakeholders to participate is what is crucial of football.

    who needs the so much said ‘football requisites’ is the Coach, Administrator.

    Presidency of such a Union needs economic and political influence and backing from the private sector (corporate bodies).

    No wonder Twine Phiri and Jere paved way for Bla Phidza, they know what he is capable of.

    • I bet my last cent, his own Party, the Govt and His Excellency (HE) would not endorse Fidza for Zifa Presidency. HE looks down upon the likes of Fidza, nephew Leo et al.

  14. Where was Phidza and his monies when worriors were chucked out of participating in the world cup qualifications because ZIFA had failed to pay Valinhos’ debt. If he is that much concerned about our football like he want us to believe, I don’t think it could have been any loss if our beloved candidate had chanelled a meagre $80 000 from his much talked about loads of cash towards such a noble cause then . Or he was waiting for someone to fail and then cash in on the failure. Believe me you, I don’t think this man knew any goings on within the ZIFA circus then . This contesting thing only came up as a publicity stunt when he realised that he can buy success with his so called monies. No one could have forgotten Phidza if he had bailed out our worriors and I dont think he could have been campaigning now

  15. Be careful guys, this guy is a real crook. I know him well – I am one of his many children. Haana chunhu muface uyu, zvikwereti kupera.

  16. The rich are humble. look at strive masiwa’s Facebook’s all educational and business experience.Look at Lovemore Kurotwi, all he talks about is vision of the diamonds industry .then go to Phidza’s youtube. King of Selfies wat wat .He acts my age (20)!! I have always brought up this argument, it’s not the Zifa chairman’s duty to pour money in th system but to generate money .

  17. You want to vote for Phillip just because he has money, does he have a football brain, is he the type of person to take advice, is he the type of person who can consult .He is on record of refusing to stop at police roadblocks at some moment and that’s the type of person you want to lead Zifa ,we will never get anywhere with arrogant heads at Zifa .Please vote for someone anoshandika naye ma Zimbabweans .Cuthbert Dube had money but see what happened .vote for someone professional with proven administrative skills .When there is proper planning money will then follow .

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  19. are we not tired on these gangstas like Phidza ,the same gangstas who buy national votes and deliver nothing except looting the little that is left of us, if Phidza is going to be then cursed be our nation coz we never learn ,this top fraudersta is only sweet talking about all he can give because he is campaigning just like wat he usually do when he wants to be a member of parliament Blaz Phidza my honest advise is to use your money on your childish behavior and get yourself a lot of women of your son’s age Don’t forget to go to school and growup.

  20. I cant agree with you all, Pfidza or whatever he wants to call himself, haaite. We will rue the day he gets control of our beloved game. Ko Mabika unoti chi panhaurwa iyi? Help the motherland by exposing this charlatan,fake administrator.

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