AMHVoices:Mutsvangwa has forgotten Norton


Katanga and Maridale in Norton seem to be forgotten places in terms of power supply by Zesa. The love that Norton Member of Parliament Christopher Mutsvangwa used to have for Katanga and Maridale residents during his election campaign times is no more. You promised to assist the people under any situation.

Norton Voter,Our Reader


Have a drive to Govans, power is always available. They can be without power, but not for more than an hour. We always pass through Kuwadzana, and the tower lights are usually on.

We are usually switched on around 11pm and switched off at 5am. Surely what production can one do during such hours? You used to say the opposition party MP was speechless in Parliament and now we are standing with you to rescue us from this forgotten situation.

Forewarned is forearmed, Mutsvangwa. Wherever people gather around now, they always ask why they cannot nominate someone already residing in Norton who will have the people at heart, instead of outsiders who may not have the people in mind like what is happening now.


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