AMHVoices:Every employee should get bonus


In response to Civil servants bonuses economic death knell: Bonuses should be given to any staff or person who consistently produce outstanding work and exceeds expectations. Some receive bonuses at the end of a large project, but I recommend waiting until the end of fiscal year to make sure they make the budget calculated as from average annual income. That also will be the end of a calendar year, it comes right at the beginning of the festive season too.



Budgeting for bonuses is a wise plan. And just because some organisations budget for bonuses does not mean that they are automatically going to pay them. Companies and government should work hard to make a budget for bonuses so they can reward their staff during the times like now.

Of course, there are situations were bonuses are not paid, especially if the budget is not made, when the employee is part-time or contracted, when the employee has worked half a year and when the employee does not deserve it or when companies are going through hard times. The company may not make enough profit and, as a result, will be run to save workers from retrenchment. That seems obvious, but just because some workers deserve bonuses does not mean that workers from every organisation should get it. To be fair, the truth is, life is not that fair.

Even churches must adopt the same culture, as it is essential to building a healthy church. Some believe that those who work in church ministries should live one step above the poverty line. This perspective is unhealthy, unwise and unbiblical. The call to a vocational ministry is not a call to poverty. I am not recommending excessive compensation, but fair and reasonable compensation for those who have given their entire lives to gospel ministries.

Bonuses is one part of an overall staff compensation strategy that is often forgotten in the gospel ministries. To some extent it can only be given to the senior pastor in the name of Christmas gift and the rest of the church staff is forgotten.

Of course, some of them volunteered to give their lifetime to the gospel ministry, but I think they also deserve to be encouraged through giving them bonuses.

Bonuses can be in the form of sales commission, cash or non-cash, recognition award, holiday bonus or gain sharing.