AMHVoices:Attack on Chiyangwa out of jealousy, malice


Thanks to the thriving democracy enjoyed in Zimbabwe, every citizen is entitled to hold and express their opinion.



However, the freedom of opinion must not be abused to peddle blatant falsehoods. In a widely published open letter addressed to Dr Phillip Chiyangwa yesterday, the writer chose to remain nameless and faceless. This is most probably because the writer was fully aware that the allegations made were baseless and groundless.

The writer alleges to be speaking on behalf of the millions of Zimbabweans. This cannot be true. The writer obviously does not hold any position or status from which he derives a mandate to be the spokesperson for Zimbabweans. It is clearly striking that the impetus behind the letter is outright malice, jealousy and envy for the success Dr Phillip Chiyangwa has achieved in life. His humble and inspirational rise from being a mere vendor in Chegutu to his current innumerable achievements is a matter of public knowledge.

The fate of the December 5 election is exclusively in the hands of Zifa councillors. Dr Chiyangwa has openly emphasised this fact and has spared no effort to directly engage with the councillors. He has shown utmost respect for the councillors by personally presenting his vision to each councillor.

On the contrary, the writer’s candidate, Mr Trevor Carelse Juul, is conspicuous by his absence from Zimbabwe. It is common knowledge that Mr Carelse Juul does not even hold a Zimbabwean passport which is conclusive proof of citizenship of any person. It is mind-boggling how the writer expects a person who frowns upon Zimbabwe’s citizenship to represent Zimbabwean football at the highest level.

Mr Carelse Juul is so contemptuous of Zimbabwe that he does not even stay in the country nor is he involved in any known activity in Zimbabwe. The only known information about him relates to his scandalous exit from the very same position he is now seeking to be reappointed. It appears the writer has been gullible to believe the false claim that Bruce Grobbelaar was made to play for Zimbabwe’s national team by Mr Carelse Juul. Grobbelaar himself has refuted the false claim.

Mr Carelse Juul has also been embroiled in messy financial embezzlements in the construction of Angwa City which ultimately caused his flight from Zimbabwe in 1999. It appears Mr Carelse Juul is determined to convert his status from being a fugitive of justice by pretending to be the messiah for Zimbabwean football. Zimbabweans are no fools!

The golden rule of election is never to take the electorate for granted. Any candidate who wishes to be taken seriously must never insult the voters. It appears the writer and Mr Carelse Juul, whom he fronts, are ignorant of this fundamental fact. Let the councillors be the judge on whether Dr Chiyangwa is the right candidate or not, but the writer must spare us such lies!

More selfies Phidza!

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  1. You contradict yourself, sir… You say people are attacking Chiyangwa out of malice, then you yourself go on to attack Juul. Very funny!

    • Talking about ‘blatant falsehoods’, I still remember the ‘selfie’ in which this Chiyangwa fellas was busy insulting Mai Mujuru, a woman with an impeccable liberation war record who had just lost her husband. And it is not a ‘blatant’ falsehood that this guy was a Smith policeman. Let him come out and deny it. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black…

    • Who spewed forth this pseudo-intellectual crap? Chiyangwa has been attacking other people, so what’s so special about him that he can’t also be attacked?

      • You don’t use the title ‘Dr’ if it’s an honorary degree. It’s an insult to people with real Phd’s. Most of my lecturers in the US all had Phd’s but they were known as plain ‘Mr’. Only holders of fake useless salutations bought from dubious institutions like to be called ‘Dr’ because most of them only have ‘O’ levels. Like this guy Chiyangwa.

  2. @Norest, the doctoral thesis you mention doesn’t exist, neither does Grace Mugabe’s. These two people are probably holders of RJC certificates, judging by their outlandish and unacademic behaviour. They have never set foot in a university. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki….

  3. Funny !! very funny indeed, citing him as once a vendor in Chegutu (Hartley) to a gun-toting BSAP reservist in Chakari taking a strategic position under the white man’s command. Now being hailed a Messiah destined to bury ZIFA after its death under Cashbert Dube. The privileged councillors please show and exhibit maturity.

  4. Is it not strange that Chiyangwa is the only one busy attacking the other candidates? He knows deep down he is a fake and is scared Juul will beat him. He must retire to his hundred bedroom mansion and make more embarrassing SelfiesCdffcdd with his spoilt brood of offspring.

  5. Paid to do Chiyangwa’s dirty work. How much money did chiyangwa gave u to write this senseless article.Kutengwa nemari kunge Judas Iscariot.

  6. Of course andipa mari kuti ndimunyorere. Thesis yamuri kubvunza haatozivi kuti chii ichocho. Idzakutsaku rakasiirwa mari nemafarms nevarungu varaitamba navo richiuraya macomrade mazuva ehondo yechimurenga. Ndiyo pension yake yekubatsira Smith kuuraya macomrades.

  7. Oh please a lot of bollocks from AMHVoices , can’t you see the guy is nothing more than a Mickey Mouse caricature.

    This Monkey has no basis what so ever to be in that Office, i agree with the previous writer who went to set the record straight about the character, and his credentials of Monkey Phil. He has failed academically, business its self is it not the same paper that exposes his defaults in paying loans at CBZ, what has MP done except to loot this country resources and prey on the weary all in the name of black empowerment.

    Did he not aspire to open a medical surgery when he go his “Phd” cause he thought he was Doctor. And you want such a fellow to lead.

    Quote ” A body of an elephant but brains of a rat” Prof J Moyo.

    king of selfies haaaah, bullshit excuse my french its rusty..Giving a psychopath a machine gun!! If he has money as he claims why couldnt he bail of put an action plan to help Zim party-cipate in the 2018 WCQ instead he has taking a self of his Monkey.

    Kwahi people hate me cause i’m handsome please fellow look like an orangutan and i also have money idiot people who have money buy Ferraris, Lambo, Bugatti, Jimmy cool down you don’t have anything you just nothing but a peanut.

    • Chiyangwa handsome? Ndiwoka ma contestants arikudiwa ku Mr Ugly aya. Vanenge mazhingzhong ana Chiyangwa ivava. Uyu akahwina nemavende haana door.

  8. For years this moron was lying to people that he was a relative of Mugabe when all of us knew they just shared the same totem. Nearly everybody in my village in Murehwa shares the same totem but we are not biologically related. Claiming to be Mugabe’s relative was a calculated ploy meant to milk the system. It’s a good thing Patrick Zhuwau, the real relative, exposed this Smith soldier and American spy.

  9. Zvemadegrees hazvina basa.Zimbabwe yazara vanhu vakawanda pamusika wembare varikutengesa masweets ne airtime ivo varinemadegrees kureva kuti hazvichina basa.Isu tinoda munhu anemari yake anokwanisa kusimudzira bhora muZimbabwe kwete history yekuti university bla bla. Mugabe failed to run a small country for the past 35years but he holds 7 useless degrees.

  10. @Hoko you sound like the proud holder of a Grade 7 certificate. Well done! Kikikikikikiki. Just google ‘Philip Chiyangwa the Rhodesian policeman’ and you will see a nice photo of the king of selfies waiting in a ditch to gun down innocent Zimbabweans. Stupid mupuruvheya and Smith sellout.

  11. i hear the guy is failing to pay teachers at his school and should not be allowed anywhere near Zimbabwean football

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