Abusive son gets community service


A 24-YEAR-OLD unemployed Harare man, Tapiwanashe Matanhire was yesterday sentenced to 140 hours community service for contempt of court after assaulting his 55-year-old mother despite the existence of a peace order against him.


Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe convicted Tapiwanashe on his own plea of guilty after he admitted to assaulting his mother, Catherine Matanhire and breaking her sunglasses before throwing them onto her face on Monday this week.

“Your behaviour is shameful and you should repay the community by doing community service for 140 hours at the nearest public institution,” Mahwe said.

The irresponsible son mumbled his apologies after the court asked him why he was abusive to his mother.

“I don’t know why I did it, I think I was possessed by some evil spirit,” mumbled Tapiwanashe in court.


It was the State’s case that on Monday Tapiwanashe asked for some money from his mother to go to the studio. But the complainant, a school headmistress said she had no money but this did not go down well with the young man.

“The accused started shouting and pushing his mother and then took her sunglasses and broke them and threw the pieces onto her face,” the State papers read.

The State further alleged Tapiwanashe has been violent to her mother for a very long period resulting in her seeking a peace order against him.

“On July 7, 2015 the complainant was granted a protection order and her son was ordered not to verbally and physically abuse her and also not to sell or destroy her property,” the State papers added.

It is the breaching of the aforementioned Civil Court order that gave rise to the case.

Samantha Dlamini prosecuted the case for the State.


  1. He must be mentally disturbed.Probably spoilt only child.Are there no siblings to discipline him? Isu tairohwa na mukoma.Mom needs his protection but he is the one who assaults her instead.A mere 3 weeks punishment for this shameful behaviour is not good enough.The laws must be tightened to reflect our culture.Assaulting your parent is not a mere common assault.The amount of anguish that the parent goes through exceeds any amount of defamation any person can think of.This must be treated as grievious bodily and emotional harm punished with imprisonment.There is nothing to stop this man from repeating his offence.

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