8 win live beasts in NatFoods promotion

Some of the cattle that was donated to Mugabe by Zanu PF provinces. It was reported that over 90 cattle were slaughtered at the birthday bash.

Eight winners of the recently launched National Foods Ma-Hat-Ma Rice Meaty Christmas promotion yesterday received early Christmas presents after being handed over live beasts at Carswell Farm in Nyabira.


Some of the eight winners that were presented with an opportunity to choose their prized cows included Evernice Nyandoro, Judith Musonza, Nombuso Mareya, Amon Muzvidinhi and Jane Madzambara.

The presentation of the prizes followed the scratch-card Ma-Hat-Ma Rice Meaty Christmas promotion which was launched two weeks ago.

Musonza, who was excited after receiving her prize, said: “I am so happy to have this cow. I will gather family members so that we celebrate together. We will have a barbeque.”

8 winners of cows pose for photo after picking their beasts they won on the Ma-Hat-Ma rice meaty christmas promotion

The eight winners were given an opportunity to choose between the beasts and cash.

Some of the beasts were slaughtered for those who chose to carry their meat home.

Another winner, Mareya, said she was also excited, but opted for a cash prize.

“I prefer cash as opposed to meat because I do not have enough storage facilities. Electricity is a problem, so I prefer the money to use for other things.”

All the winners expressed their satisfaction with their strong and healthy-looking beasts which were similar to those on the farm.

Doug Kew, farm and abattoir chief executive for Montana Carswell Meats, who partnered National Foods, said the meat was going to be ferried from the farm to their nearby respective branches for collection.

Commenting on their close partnership with National Foods, Kew said: “We have a long-standing relationship with National Foods and cattle are a big part of the Zimbabwean culture and it becomes a special gesture to give away such.”

According to National Foods officials, there are still 32 beasts to be won and the promotion will run until December 24 this year.


  1. Hope the prizes cover all ten provinces of the country. And why are the majority of the winners women?


    Becoz most men do not want to get into these competitions and also that majority of women are the ones who do most of the shopping.

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