Storm over Grace donations

OPPOSITION MPs yesterday grilled Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa over First Lady Grace Mugabe’s donation of farm equipment to Zanu PF supporters during her recent rallies in Manicaland and Mashonaland Central provinces.


The MPs demanded to know who had given Grace the authority to donate the equipment, which was sourced by the government from Brazil under a $98 million loan deal.


First to fire a salvo was Chitungwiza North MP Godfrey Sithole (MDC-T), who accused Grace of abusing her role as President Robert Mugabe’s wife and doling out government equipment, yet she was not in any government structures.

But Mnangagwa defended her saying: “What is happening is that the First Lady is not donating equipment, but she is handing over equipment such as tractors and irrigation equipment, and it will still plough whether it has been handed over by the First Lady or by Agriculture minister Joseph Made.

“We have equipment, which we have acquired from Brazil in three phases and under phase one, some of the equipment has arrived, but not all of it.

“That which has arrived has been allocated to provinces that each receive a minimum of eight irrigation tractors and other accessory equipment.”

Unconvinced by the explanation, opposition MPs kept demanding answers on whether it was now government policy that Grace, who is Zanu PF Women’s League secretary, could act on behalf of government officials.

“In terms of Parliament’s standing orders that speak to issues of accountability of VPs and ministers, how can a secretary for women’s affairs of a political party hand over equipment from government resources? When is Grace visiting the MDC-T rallies to do the same?” Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa (MDC-T) asked.

In response, Mnangagwa said: “I said it clearly that after the First Lady had done her political work, she then handed over, and not donated, equipment on behalf of the Agriculture minister. ”

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda later intervened and declared that he would no longer take any more supplementary questions after opposition MPs kept firing questions at Mnangagwa.

In an unrelated matter, Chamisa asked Mnangagwa to explain the cause of policy discord among government officials.

“We have noted that in the past month ministers have been differing in policy implementation, especially IMF (International Monetary Fund) policies. There is also discord in government, where some top government officials do not attend meetings of others. Is government still intact because it will be impossible to attract foreign direct investment if there is political discord?” Chamisa asked.

Mnangagwa denied that there was discord among Cabinet ministers.

“If there is anyone who is spreading winds of discord, it should not affect the country. If you want to know what is happening in other political parties, then you must attend their meetings so that you know what is going on,” he said.

But, Mabvuku-Tafara MP James Maridadi (MDC-T) claimed one of the people spreading those “winds” was Grace.
“We saw the First Lady on television last week saying if you see an MDC person, beat them up. Is it not violence?” Maridadi queried.

Mnangagwa said he was unaware of this.

“He (Maridadi) cannot ask me to explain what I did not hear,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa said the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill would be brought before Parliament in three weeks’ time after opposition MPs demanded transparency on the country’s minerals and publication of contracts entered into.

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  1. please mps dont allow the vps to give such stupid answers. grace should not come near that equipment. there are people who could do that. these zanu supporters will not pay back for these donations. now we are paying the rbz debt, which was used the same way. grace is not in the government. this is serious. if ever the government changes i am one of the persons who will still demand grace to account for these donations and who gave her authority to do this. why should her and her husband play around with us. mnagwangwas and mphokos are so useless. wake up from sleep guys, you should learn to say no sometimes. you are like the oldest children in the family and we look at you to advise the parents when he is going wrong, but you guys are protecting him because of the positions. its so stupid. thank you mps for raising this.

  2. mudenda you will pay for defending people who are bringing suffering to people. these mps were asking vital questions and when you saw that your party ,vp and grace were in trouble you stopped the question. its so bad that you dont have the country at heart, but your belly.


    Saka zvongotarigwa here varume hama nyika ichiondomoka in the name of being called Peace loving Zimbos. VP says he cannot answer for what he didn’t hear. is he then concerned about the utterances of FL on television so that he can pursue the matter as the senior guy. What is he going to do about it????

  4. Mr. Mnangagwa don’t lie to the nation thru that saka. Grace did not donate anything, instead, she bought votes for 2018. You know it in your heart of hearts and if indeed you are a true war veteran as you claim, this is time to behave like one.

    1. Ko Made haana deputy wake here????he was suppose to take over the hand-over ceremony not grace.if it was for everybody`s benefit in agriculture,why then calling zanu suppoters alone??Zimbabweans are not fools.

  5. What can we expect from this old zanu people, Mnangagwa can’t even answer simple question. Kwatiri kuenda neZimbabwe kwakaoma hamawe kuzoti Zanu pf iyi ikahwina all constituencies in 2018 then Zimbabwe inenge isisipo zvachose nekuda kwevanhu ava. Hamba Mugabe, Mnangagwa neMphoko nyika ino ndeyedu tose kwete imi moga naGrace asina unhu.

  6. please members of parliament keep grilling them we need answers.,mnangagwa we are not children how can you say after her political work she then handed over and not donate ,whether it was done by your pycho amai or J Made it didn’t matter REALLY?
    stop making us fools in short you are campaigning with donations sourced by government on behalf of people,have you gone that crazy to the extent that you deem people as fools or you think we don’t think ,We see what you are doing and as a concerned youth of Zimbabwe you will not go far we will make sure ,whether you make me disappear like you did to dzamara nothing will change we are sick and tired of this nonsense,

  7. MDC mp’s are just hollering for nothing amai is going to keep on donating those farm equipment to the party’s loyal supporters .

    1. If you are part of the gang, be careful. Chinobhururuka chino mhara! time will tell?

    2. Kana kumba kwako, do you select which child to give food to, or which one should you buy new clothes for, Or rather which one should go to school??? Nxa

  8. Chinobhururuka chino mhara! time will tell?

    1. baba ngavanyatsobuda pachena kuti mai ndivo vavekutonga tione zvokuita. so jabulani was

  9. I did know that Mnangagwa is this gullible, irresponsible and coward.

  10. Mnangangwa won’t say the truth because he is well aware his job is on the line, I always tell you he is a lizard not a crocodile, the worst corward gwereveshe zvaro.

  11. Joy ridders! No factual answer except defensive political gimmicks should be expected from the VP as he takes orders from the First Lady, something she openly disclosed. Its an ugly scene to allure the public with what is rightly their’s for political interest 35 years after independence. Why should Zimbabweans accept to be tethered not to distinguish rights from favours. Politics of goodies is outdated in the current world and people should demand true leadership where one is able to fend for themselves. We are now past the ages of depending on donations.

  12. I wonder how and why learned Members of Parliament like Mr Chamisa will allow to be played like little kids the way they are allowing Zanu Pf .

    I honestly believe that if the opposition parties do not unite and help Zimbabweans get back to life and have a future, after 2018 a revolution is the only way to go.

    I am tired of opposition politicians who are only looking to make names for themselves, enrich themselves when this is a time to put any differences aside and save our country, our future. Time to come together and remove the people who have destroyed our country.

    It’s time to change things. A revolution. People may die but we are already dying for nothing anyway .

    Wake up Zimbabwe!


  14. Government equipment being distributed at a Zanupf rally. OMG

  15. we are tired of these nonsense from this zanu thugs

  16. The typist needs to be stopped before sun set.

    1. Matakanana MATAKANANA!

      1. Ndaingozwa kuti kune matuzvi, hapana anodarika andiri kuona aya. Matuzvi ! Matuzvi! I am feed up Sick!

  17. Gentlemen for how long are we going to see the country being run like this. Mnangangwa, Mphoko are just protecting their jobs not the interest of the people of Zimbabwe. Selfishness has always been the modus operandi of ZANU pf leadership. These criminals, ZANU pf are very irresponsible. In any case these are the last kicks of a dying horse. Leadership without it’s people at heart is as good as dead. Shame on you hure Grace. Kuti unombozivawo kuti kudenga kuna Mwari? Do you pray to God or to Satan. The way l see it, you, Grace are Satan’s messenger.

  18. Mnangangwa and Mphoko we are sick of your selfishness. Do you really know that you are supposed to protect the interest of Zimbabweans?? You both want to wait until you get booted out of ZANU pf like joice mujuru to start confessing that Mugabe nehure rake have lost direction on what you went to war for. Why not do the right thing now that you are coming closer to your graves. This is the time for you guys to repent. Jesus forgave a criminal and assured him that he shall rejoice with him in paradise. Why not do the right thing and ask for God’s forgiveness. Mungangonakirwa pasi nekudenga. Repent.

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