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Soldier kidnaps, assaults, extorts wife’s boyfriend


A ZIMBABWE National Army corporal, Tsepo Keotsepile Dube, has approached the High Court alongside his wife, Ruvimbo Chitiyo, seeking bail pending trial after the couple was arrested on charges of assault, extortion and kidnapping perpetrated on the woman’s boyfriend.


According to the court papers, Dube (32) is alleged to have teamed up with his wife and confronted Taurai Munikwa after Dube intercepted love messages between his wife and Munikwa.

“After suspecting my wife due to her weird behaviour, I confronted her and she failed to give me a satisfactory answer, but confessed later she was having unprotected sexual intercourse with the complainant and that infuriated me more,” Dube said.

Angered by his discovery, Dube is said to have confronted Munikwa who he suspected to have impregnated Chitiyo, now four months pregnant, after learning that the two lovebirds had allegedly been engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse while Dube was away on duty.

The State alleges, Dube forcibly took Munikwa from his work place to his residence where he interrogated him and after conceding being in love with his wife, he (Munikwa) was battered and ordered to pay $5 000 as compensation and had his car seized in order to force him to pay.

In his affidavit before the court, Dube denied the charges saying he never kidnapped or extorted money, but was provoked by Munikwa’s actions.

“Complainant [Munikwa] was dating my wife for the past seven months, taking advantage of my not being home on a daily basis due to work commitments and for the past four months the complainant was having unprotected sexual intercourse with my wife, who is the second applicant, and my wife is pregnant, which pregnancy I suspect might be the complainant’s,” Dube said.

In her affidavit, Chitiyo admitted having unprotected sexual intercourse with Munikwa, claiming she confessed in order to save her marriage. The matter will be heard on Monday next week.

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