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Sibiya explores ‘spiritual spouses’ in new book


THE subject of spiritual husbands and wives has become very topical, particularly with the wave of Pentecostalism from Nigeria, but many people — both believers and non believers have little or no understanding whatsoever of the modus operandi of these spiritual entities.


There are probably a lot of myths and half-truths surrounding the subject, with some people attributing many problems people face to these spiritual spouses.


To dispel these myths and bring clarity on the subject, Glory Ministries founder, Apostle Pride Sibiya, has released a booklet titled How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses, in which he extensively uses scripture to address this matter.

Sibiya uses his experience in ministry to prove the existence of the “spiritual spouses”, as he has had countless encounters with people who needed to be delivered from their bondage.

He demonstrates that many people afflicted by spiritual wives or husbands often go for many years without finding love, or their relationships and marriages — when they do — almost always collapse for no “tangible” reason. He shows in the book these spiritual spouses to be jealous of anyone who seeks to be in a relationship with a person they would have possessed.

According to the book, many people unknowingly open certain doors in their lives that allow in the spiritual spouses, especially through disobedience and sexual sin: “When familiar spirits see that you have opened a door… they take the form of the person (you may be lusting after) and have sex with you. The spirits, therefore, legally enjoins themselves to the person because whoever lives in un-confessed sin legally belongs to the devil” (pp15).

While people’s general understanding of spiritual spouses may be very limited, Sibiya brings the subject home by highlighting different types of spiritual spouses such as avenging spirits (ngozi) goblins (zvikwambo), “sexual blue tooth” (mubobobo) and water spirits (nyanza).
This is a simple, easy to read small book loaded with information on things that are rarely discussed because they are viewed as taboo.

A charismatic preacher, teacher and motivational speaker, Sibiya has impacted countless lives across the world through his ministry.

He is a counsellor and lecturer, who shepherds over 30 church assemblies under Glory Ministries International. He holds a Masters Degree in Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe.

How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses is his fourth publication after Let’s Talk About Sex Babe, His Glory, Our Vision and Why Should I Go to Church?

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