Mugabe nephew guns for Chinamasa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, has issued a thinly-veiled attack on fellow Cabinet ministers — particularly Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and other senior government officials — warning them that they risked being fired for trying to reduce the bloated civil service and lobbying for foreign direct investment (FDI).



Speaking at a familiarisation tour of Mutare yesterday, Zhuwao, who was recently appointed Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment minister, said thousands of Zanu PF youths would lose jobs if plans to cut the civil service went ahead.

“Some are saying we are going to fire youth officers. Who do you think you can fire? It might be you who will go home first. If it is an MP who is saying that, then we should go and sit down with him,” he said.

Chinamasa has repeatedly raised concern over government’s huge wage bill, describing it as unsustainable, as it swallowed 83% of government revenue.

The Civil Service Commission is currently looking at various ways in which the bloated civil service can be reduced, while Mugabe and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa have stepped up efforts to attract FDI to jumpstart the ailing economy.

Both Mugabe and Mnangagwa recently assured foreign investors that the controversial Indigenisation policy would be re-looked at.

But Zhuwao, whose political fortunes appear to be rising, said the on-going calls for injection of FDI were against Zanu PF’s maligned indigenisation policy.

He also said moves to reduce the civil service would disadvantage thousands of Zanu PF youths, a majority of whom were employed as constituency youth officers, with their salaries paid by the taxpayers.

In April this year, Chinamasa received a tongue-lashing from Mugabe after he announced that government had suspended civil servants’ bonuses.

But Mugabe reversed the decision and ordered Chinamasa to “look for the money”, describing bonuses as a non-negotiable matter.

On FDI, Zhuwao said: “They go to hotels with microphones saying that we should promote foreign direct investment. They are saying that you should go home.”

He said there was no going back on the indenisation, despite a pronouncement by some senior government officials that the policy was being re-looked.

“There are people going around saying that they are going to re-look the indigenisation policy, what re-look comrades, this is something for the masses. So if I go home (fired as Youth Minister) then all of you will go home,” Zhuwao chanted.

War Veterans minister, Chris Mutsvangwa also recently attacked Chinamasa for his stance on FDI, saying there was no need to grovel at the West, as Zimbabwe had a reliable friend in China.

Chinamasa, in his recent mid-term Fiscal Policy Review statement in Parliament,alluded to impending job cuts, as government sought to reduce its wage bill to 40 % from the current 80 %.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority chairperson Nigel Chanakira said while he was unwilling to comment directly on Zhuwao’s remarks, it was common knowledge that every national economy,regardless of size, was sustained by FDI.

He said investments could be done on three ways, savings, borrowing and FDI.

“When you want to push investment the best way is to bring FDI,” Chanakira said.

“When we have FDI it’s not only about money but you also get technology, managerial competencies and markets. FDI comes with expertise and markets.”

Chanakira said FDI will also bring new equipment,making it efficient to produce goods, compared to obsolete equipment, particularly in the Zimbabwean context.

Industry minister Mike Bimha yesterday declined to comment on the matter, saying he wanted to chat with Zhuwao first.

He, however, said it was important for Zimbabwe to be guided by Mugabe’s 10 point plan he unveiled during his State of the Nation Address.

Public Service minister PriscahMupfumirasaid she was unaware of the context in which Zhuwao made the remarks, but said her ministry had carried out audits.

“I don’t know the context in which he said that, but all I know is that there was an audit which was presented in Cabinet,” she said.

“Various ministries are looking at that audit and other departments are looking at it. We didn’t say we will retrench.”

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  1. vivian v siziba

    Conflicting statements from the same Cabinet, the centre is no longer holding.Of course the so called youth officers are the foot soldiers of the party who could not be dispensed with.This confirms the unequivocal lack of government’s sincerity in tackling the country’s economic woes.The melt down continues unabated and the total collapse is imminent.

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  2. where are we hearding to if this cabinet is ful of confussion.Its better for them to discuss together before they say what ever they want to the public.The youth are the future leaders and they have to be occupied doing something for their country but as it is there is no light coz of the confussed cabinet.Sort your house in order b4 you say anything coz it leads to nothing for there are in-fights,stop them and come up with tangible results,Action for the best results.To try to score points thru tongue lashing while you dont show results,entertaining the media is not the solution coz their work is going ahead while you are shouting at each other.Repent and focus on archieving good results on how to restore the image of our country.What matters is to rebuild the economy of the country than shouting.Be recognised for the goid work not for fighting within the part.Until when must we intertain your fights while the economy is collapsing.Understand your position and deliver.

  3. What really is a youth officer and what does he/ she do? These are the only civil servants who are very political.
    In fact the whole whole ministry what is it? Do we need this ministry? It duplicates despite itself being not necessary and not needed.
    The Zhuwao minister should stop causing confusion at a time we need to focus.

  4. This is mere political posturing by Dread. He himself does not even believe in what he is saying. Take no note

  5. How does newly employed Zhuwawo suddenly threaten others with dismissal? Is it in his power to dismiss any government official or minister? It’s a circus. Vakomana imbomirai kupopotedzana mumapepa mugadzirise nyaya yenzara. Tanzwa nenhamo.

  6. Zhuwau is a Moscan
    He has no business meddling in Zim politics.

  7. mumoscan atori bhoo akamutsa, regai audze vanhu vasangotyisidzira vanhu vari pamabasa instead it is them who must leave in fear of failure. havatye kutadza kwavo asi kutyisa vanoshanda nesimba for no rewards (peanuts). tinzwireiwo tsitsi Jehovah nokuti vamakasika mukapa simba nehutariri pamusoro pedu zvava zvikara.

  8. Whether you like it or not FDI is required to kick start the dying industries don,t kill the future of our youth, the faster you take to correct the error for the good of our educated kids.

  9. Are these the youth officers who have replaced the duty of teachers and other civil servants during elections? Aren’t these the ghost workers the opposition political parties have been complaining about? Tinokumbirawo maserious Muzukuru Zhuwau. You know without these Zanu PF shock troopers the ‘winning’ of elections is over?????

  10. To think that Zhuwao heads a “think-tank” is unimaginable. He thinks having a string of degrees like his Sekuru is what makes a think-tank. Think again mzukuru! Now listen to Chanakira: Investments can only be through (1) SAVINGS (which you cant coz you are living from hand to mouth), (2) BORROWING (which you can’t coz the former Bretton Woods institutions want you to satisfy certain conditions first, which you can’t) and (3) FDI (the only option left for the country, had it not been for poisonous politics).

    With FDI comes not only money but also technology, managerial competencies and markets. What more do you need. China itself survives on FDI and some head of a “think-tank” thinks otherwise. Shame on the people who lead kwedu!!

    1. YES! we need FDI but no strings attached e.g gay rights full-stop. Icho!!!!!.

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  12. People like Zhuwao have no political future anywhere in this world after Mugabe’s departure

  13. May you publish the job discription of a youth officer so we can justify why zhuwawo should be a minister. What job gaps are youth officers filling?

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