Mnangagwa’s contempt of accountability disturbing

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa displayed outstanding contempt for public accountability when Chitungwiza North lawmaker Godfrey Sithole (MDC-T) asked him in Parliament about his counterpart Phelekezela Mphoko’s continued hotel stay.

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Instead of answering the question, Mnangagwa was disdainful and condescending, telling the legislator that some issues were to be dealt with by bigger and more senior people.
Mnangagwa’s lackadaisical approach to public accountability is the reason we find ourselves in this rot, where officials feel they are not accountable for how they spend taxpayers’ money leading to corruption.

The Vice-President must know that all Zimbabweans, whether big or small, have an explicit right to demand answers and know how government officials spend the money they pay in taxes.
Thus, Mnangagwa’s scorn at the question and belittling of the legislator is uncalled for and unwarranted, as Zimbabweans need answers on why Mphoko still stays in a hotel and why government cannot find a suitable house for him.

The reason we vote for parliamentarians is so they hold the executive to account and we believe Mnangagwa’s sentiments are an affront to democracy.

No wonder Zimbabwe finds itself performing poorly on the corruption perception index, because people like Mnangagwa, who believe in the big man syndrome, think they can just swat away inconvenient questions.

Mphoko’s bill is being footed by the taxpayer and ordinary Zimbabweans need a constant update on how much money he is spending daily in that hotel and when he is going to leave.

We find it unbelievable that Mphoko, more than 300 days after he was appointed, cannot find a house in Harare and even more remarkable is that the government can defend such misuse of taxpayers’ money.

With an ever-decreasing tax base due to government’s economic failures, it is prudent that government tightens its belt and saves the little it is collecting, rather than splurge on uncalled-for and unwarranted luxuries.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has missed its revenue collection targets several times this year, meaning there is little in government coffers, yet authorities choose to spend it on trinkets.

Mphoko’s continued hotel stay is as unjustifiable as it is unnecessary and the sooner he checks out, the better.

In the spirit of accountability, Mnangagwa is best advised to answer legislators on issues of public funds instead of trying to belittle them.

A number of high-profile corruption cases and extravagant use of taxpayers’ money have been swept under the carpet because the government and people like Mnangagwa believe legislators are too small to question them.

No doubt, if the government was better on accountability and authorities cut down on excesses, this country would be far better off than what it is now.

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  1. What can we expect from a man who takes notes from Dr Grace, it was probably a line he read from his notebook. Zim’s problems are way too complex to be solved by such dull incompetence of Zanupf

  2. There is nothing shocking here.VP ED’s arrogant answer to the MP reveals his true character and management style. No diplomacy,PR and tact. A display of sheer arrogance and lack of appreciation for prudent management of govt finances. With this attitude do u think this is a govt which can cut total expenditures as required by the creditors? This govt believes govts do not get broke becoz they can just pluck money from the trees. They see nothing wrong in paying ghost workers and wasting tax payers money. They have total disregard of accountability and prudent use of tax payers money. Are these the people who can implement the neccessary fiscal reforms? Very much doubt it and foreign creditors will confirm this come April 2015 when interest on debt clearance plan is supposed to be fully implented. Time will tell!

  3. Not that I believe in whites being superior to blacks, but I tell you, in Europe, the question would have been answered differently. This is Africa dear people, the home of selfishness

  4. Mnangagwa is a big man with the brains of a termite,everytime he is asked questions to do with accountability,he plays the ‘vakuru’ card. God forbid if this unitelligent VP were to become President,he is an overated lawyer who has no regard for the law. G40 batai munhu…..

  5. God will judge Israel be still they shall come a time when the lord of hosts shall arise and scatter all Egyptians

  6. Zimbabweans deserve better

    1. Timothy Thorton

      Present yourself and we will give you the chance. Ndivo varibetter pane vakaisa pamberi kuti vaonekwe. Imwi munongonyora mumanewspaper chete

  7. chimbwido warvet

    A very corrupt and ill-advised statement by a Vice President.

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  9. Ngwena haina mhaka. Iri kukuzivisai how things are done in PF ZANU. Yu want him to put his head on the block imwi muchiziva henyu zvazviri. Ndimwi makamboita headline muchiti there is a tiff between vice presidents and l mean Ngwena is saying l dont comment on anothers issues but the president only. Truely if what yu guys are writting about divisions in the party is anything to go by then Ngwena haina mhaka kana mhosva.

  10. Ive heard him enough times in Parliament to write him off as a future President. We are doomed. Dont even use this to defend Mugabe, hes the same.

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  13. People judge mnangagwa too harshly ….ed is honest and tells people zvazviri but zimbos want to be lied to saka u hate munhu who is open kwamuri…..and isn’t it crazy that ed gets the hate but mphoko is the one staying mu hotel????????

  14. The same arrogant ED was waxing lyrical last week at some Masvingo campaign rally telling the gullible that they are the bosses and the ZPF officials (including him) were their workers! Hardly a week after that any fool can see through his lies. Those who have his vote, think again (if you have the capacity to do so).

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