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Mark Vermeulen’s apology


In response to the racial comments made by myself Mark Vermeulen in July this year, I woke up at 4am to find a post on Facebook about Prosper (Utseya) claiming he wasn’t picked for any of the world Cup matches in February/March of this year.

I then read all the posts from people and added my five-cent comment hastily without thinking of the repercussions.

I then returned to Zimbabwe on September 7 2015 in the hope to play cricket again for a franchise and maybe Zimbabwe again if I scored enough runs.

I apologised to Prosper personally about the issue and he accepted my apology.

I know my comments were over the top and I apologise to all that I have offended. But as a cricketer, it’s how our minds work.

I will give you an example in 2004 when I walked out to bat at Sydney Cricket Ground in the second innings of the second test match vs Australia, I was confronted by four of the Australian players who were all swearing at me and calling me worse things than I mentioned in my statement against Prosper.

I then started playing some shots racing into my 40s, the Aussie fielders that were sledging me became quiet.

So this is how cricketers’ minds work and yes, I know my comments were over the top, but it was not meant in a menacing way.

It was just a chirp that often happens out on the field of play and as men, you take the blow on the chin and get on with the game.

I end by apologising again to all who I have offended, but remember, this is just a game where the opposition will try anything to make you lose your concentration so as to take your wicket.

Yours Sincerely
Mark Vermeulen

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