Kwekwe mayor to finally get official vehicle

Kwekwe City Council has moved to buy a $60 000 Jeep Cherokee for mayor Matenda Madzoke, two years after he shunned an official vehicle.


Council’s finance committee, through a proposal by city treasurer, Rejoice Maweni, has recommended that Madzoke should recieve a Jeep instead of the recommended $125 000 Mercedes Benz C Class.


This comes just a month after Madzoke was spotted in town pushing a battered Mazda Familia pool car, which has now been converted into a mayor’s official vehicle.

Chamber secretary, Lucia Mnkandla said while Madzoke had refused an official vehicle, the purchase was not being made for him directly but for his office.

“The procurement of the mayoral vehicle is not for him as an individual, but for the office, hence, the obligation to buy it and maintain the respect and status of the office,” she said.

Madzoke in 2013 forced the local authority to recover $30 000, which had been deposited to a car dealer for the purchase of a mayoral vehicle.

The mayor directed that the money be used to buy a tractor to use in refuse collection.

Madzoke also made headlines by riding a bicycle to work, insisting council revenue should be used for more pressing issues like service delivery and road maintenance.

The Kwekwe Residents and Ratepayers’ Development Association (KRRDA) was, however, suspicious about the timing of the decision to buy a new vehicle for the mayor, saying it coincided with the prepaid water meter tender scandal.

“The dignity of the office of the mayor has always been known since the days of (former mayor) Shadreck Tobaiwa, but management remained mum. Now that councillors, including the mayor have questioned this tender, all of a sudden they wake up to the dignity of his office,” KRRDA secretary Alex Homela said sarcastically. The proposal to buy Madzoke the vehicle is expected to be tabled before a full council meeting this week.

Councillors will also discuss the contentious prepaid water meter tender scandal, which has rocked Kwekwe.

Another proposal to buy a Toyota Quantum for councillors, transport will be tabled during the same meeting, after it was endorsed by the finance committee.

A councillor, who spoke to News Day said there were plans to defer discussions on the mayor’s vehicle because of suspicions over the timing.

“Council requested for a special council meeting to deal with this tender issue. That special council meeting did not materialise, but instead we are now being confronted with proposals to buy a mayoral vehicle and a kombi for councillors. I smell a rat,” the councillor said.

The management-dominated procurement committee awarded an indian firm Tricon Investment $340 000 tender to supply prepaid water meters ahead of Synlak (Pvt) Ltd, which charged $130 000 lower at $210 852 and Merchant Links, which was $100 000 lower at a price of $231 707,97.

However, councillors stalled the award, demanding they be furnished with comprehensive documents regarding the tender before making the decision.


  1. there is no water metre scandal but just that the journalist is working for someone

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  2. The Mayor has built a near cult following all over Zimbabwe because of his refusal to jump on the gravy train when the municipality is so poor..A refreshing approach to leadership one must say..He should REFUSE to have his good name soiled with this Jeep..SAY NO! Mr. Mayor..Your name is much much bigger than this useless toy…You dont need it!

  3. Mhlanga has been “blessed” with the gift of creating a scandal out of nothing. It is no wonder that he ended up in journalism….
    First he tries to attack to the management, then the TE, then the FD, now the Mayor……is he not earning enough to buy food to put on the table? Cannot he write up other articles to get the front page that he so desires… it pays more per word!

  4. Timothy Thorton

    The Kwekwe Mayor has become the epitome of Community leadership. He must not be soiled by the suggestion to buy him a jeep. He has lived a modest life, is from the middle class and understands the Kwekwe society well. He has done very well by questioning several things that could have gone astray.Imagine council management deciding to buy water metres from a company which is 50% more expensive than two other bidders and management hides behind separation of roles forgetting that Council has an oversight role. Mr. Mayor keep up the good work

    I urge him to remain focused. I am sure the KKCC has got a pool vehicle that can pick and drop the mayor as and when he is needed somewhere. In any case he can use his own vehicles. He is an average businessman.

    Leave him alone, he is clean.

  5. I honestly suspect that Mhlanga is secretly working for Zesa….. Yes, all the hot air he produces is diverted to the turbines to generate electricity for his newspaper ….kkkkkk

    1. Hezvo uko!

  6. The status of the office is seen by the standard of living of Kwekwe residents, elctricity and water 24hrs, neat lawns, well kept parks and other recreational areas, not a bugger in a benz. Bins collected on time every week. If Kwekwe folks are struggling, even if the mayor moves around in a helicopter, the office is just a plain rat hole.

  7. he will come up with another twist to the story watch the space. he is being fed by losers, the truth shall come out

  8. Dai ma leaders ose akaita kunge Madzoke I think zvinhu zvingadai zvakanaka

    1. my Aunty Brianna just got a great Lexus IS F Sedan just by some parttime working online with a macbook…

  9. u have been exposed by mhlanga now makumu attacker musiyeyi aite basa rake

  10. Ndo maleaders ationda asiri greed

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