Ex-Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka apologises

THE former leader of Zanu PF’s Chipangano terror group, Jim Kunaka, has publicly apologised for his past deeds, claiming he was being used as a pawn by top ruling party officials.



Kunaka, whose Chipangano militia terrorised Harare residents and opposition party supporters from its base in Mbare, admitted being the face of Zanu PF violence then.

“I was the political violence master when I was in Zanu PF, but what I want people to know today is that when you join a cult, you behave like the people in that cult,” he told South Africa’s ANN7TV on Wednesday evening during its Africa Tonight special programme.

“All the bad things I did while in Zanu PF and Chipangano were not intentional; it was because of the bad system I had got myself into.”

A number of Zanu PF officials have been accused of leading waves of terror and violence against unarmed opposition supporters, particularly during elections, but few have apologised for their past deeds.

Kunaka, who is now a member of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church, urged politicians to shy away from violence and instead go to church.

He also now works with expelled former Zanu PF MP Temba Mliswa in a youth advocacy group that encourages youths to unite and engage in peaceful politics.

“People understand and forgive me. There was Saul in the Bible, he was a serious murderer, but at the end he changed and became Paul and started preaching the gospel. So I was Saul and I am now Paul, I am preaching the gospel of peace in Zimbabwe,” Kunaka said.

“Politics is not about killing each other, it’s about engaging each other peacefully.”
Kunaka, who has faced charges of extortion, abduction and torturing dozens of opposition supporters, was once abducted by suspected State security agents.

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  1. Jim myself will never accept your apology, you murdered my cousin cold blood. His family now is still in trauma, and shock. noone to support his family. As long as his family is still battling with life i will never ever forgive you. You must face the consequense.

    1. The bible says confession is made unto Salvation. God forgives but people dont usually do so. Its now left for those with bitterness of heart against this man to make matters right with God, if you dont forgive, God will not forgive you

    2. how come, and why …. if gukurahundi, to this day, are not to face the consequences?
      see now how the system is broken … from 1980?
      and chipangano (you forgot ‘green bombers’ etc) is not the last … unless u stopped the system itself!!!
      In a sad, but ironically truthful way, we need more of these chipanganos, ‘green bomers’ in other parts of the country so we arrive at the saturation point (which u’ve clearly reached and which umthwakazi tried to prevent taking root in 1980) to get rid of the system. tragic but true!

  2. Now that he has self confessed , is this swine not supposed to be behind bars and rotting there and those who were using him

    1. Well articulated @Wamba. This world has known some of the wickedest atrocities ever known to creation. Most world religions therefore puts strong emphasis on the need to forgive which in itself is a virtue. It is not easy to forgive if one still habour bitterness like @Mhofela but if one tries it and practice forgiveness to sworn enemies the feeling is one of complete peace with oneself and those around you. Any wonder an evil practitioner like Soul saw the light and became a born again Paul who became Christ’s most faithful servant. Therefore my faith in humanity is restored when I see a thug and social misfit like Jim Kunaka becoming the embodiment of a later day Saul who turn to Christ and dedicates himself to now serving the very community that he terrorized.Glory be to God!

  3. He left out names of those he represented.

  4. Murume uyu ngaataure vaaka uraya

  5. I don’t forget that man and his chipangano wat wat,,,they terrorised me in Mbare after they heard me spoke in Zulu over the phone to my S.A frend,,,i heard them whispering that this ndebele guy should get a hiding ,,luckily i am a Shona..

  6. thank you for reforming. however please note that a repenting person does not shift the blame. you shoulder it yourself, by yourself. no need to try to exonerate yourself. in that state if you had died you would have made it to hell, because God considers you to blame not someone.
    Kutendeuka kwakanaka kubvuma mhosva nekugadzirisa panoda kugadziriswa without reservations

    1. well said @lexus.”All the bad things I did while in Zanu PF and Chipangano were not intentional”

  7. now listen very carefully Jim. if ever I meet you I’m going to kill you with my bare hands. u murdered u maimed in the name of zany. I see u are now based in Jodi which makes my intentions easy. u say sorry? ???? sorry to who? I kill u then u go and say sorry to those u terrorised. take mhani. chinobhururuka chinomhara but I want to know who was sponsoring u before u meet your maker

  8. Murume uyu zvaari kuita izvi hakuzi kuzvidemba.Asi kuti iye arikuti haan mhosva nokuti akange achishandiswa.Kana ave kuda kutendeuka chaiko ngaaite chaizvo-chaizvo zvinodiwa nesoko.Ngaabvunze muporofita Makandiwa zvinodiwa nesoko kwete izvo zvekuti aona kuti mari nedoro raaitengerwa ramira.Zanu inokushandisa then yokurasa sechikorobho.

    1. Ngaataure zvaakatumwakuti aite kwete kungoti ndaishandisa. Kana aitumwa kuuraya ndivanani vakaurawa. Zvimwe anotoziva kuna Itai Dzamara. I am not accusing of having involved in the killing of innocent people, my argument is that its not enough to just say “I was being used”.

  9. Mudzingei kuJoza ikoko.Igororo murume iyeye.Iye neteam yake vakatimhanyisa paStodard hall tiri pachechi madzimai nevana vangarohwa nemboma nemurume iyeye.Its bad.

  10. ok Jim at first I never read your story but now I did. looks like u were taking zolo or something but welcome to the reality and why wear all read? are you one of us? go home man and apologize to those whose brethren and sistren you terrorised not me. I am here to revenge man and u are not alone u will tell me the truth. tsek again mhata yemhunhu u are taking Zimbabweans as fools haaaa am coming there mfanami I’m an angry man

  11. Unfortunately there is no where in the article where he actually apologised. l only read inferrences to his deeds.

  12. Young man its not enough to just say ‘I was being used by ZanuPF’ because ZanuPF is just a name of an organization, give us names of people who used you. Who commanded you to brutalized innocent and opposition supporters? Were you involved in the killing of people particularly MDC-T members?

    The information you supply may assist in the location of Itai Dzamara because there is no doubt you have a hell lot of information on how it dealt with those it perceived to be its enemies. Come on spill the beans!!! Chirega kutya kusviba magaro iwe wakateya mariva murutsva.

  13. To Mr Mliswa and Prophet

    When you sleep do Not close both your eyes
    I dont think you know what you dealing with

  14. Hapana pandanzwa paakumbira ruregerero.Asi ana spokesman wake amukumbirira ruregerero? Ko achigotizei futi munyika inoerera huchi nemukaka? Batai heyo mhondi iyi vari kujoza uko

  15. tsamba yaPauro kumaZimbabwe

    Jim wagona ukazvifananidza na Pauro nekuti pane imwe nguva Pauro akaudza vamwe achiti pakati penyu hapana kana mumwe wandakatadzira meaning kuti even chero paive neakabviswa nzeve kana gumbo naPauro haana kubviswa na Pauro asi naSauro so kana wakagamuchira salvation yako hama usaterera zvinotaurwa but just know kuti wachisikwa chitsva muna Kirisito zvakare zvapfuura… and ukaramba wakashinga padzidziso dzvakuru vaye vanonzi VaMakandiwa chokwadi uchaona shanduko seyakaonekwa nevamwe sekuru vangu vanopinda ikoko.

  16. tsamba yaPauro kumaZimbabwe

    Jim wagona ukazvifananidza na Pauro nokuti Pauro pane imwe nguva yaanomira pamberi pavanhu ovati pakati penyu hapana kana mumwe chete wandakatadzira meaning kuti kana pane wandakabvisa zheve kana gumbo kana kuurayira mwana kana murume wake that was Sauro not Pauro… so kana wakagamuchira Jeso wako ramba wakabatirira pa salvation yako hama and ukaramba uchibatirira padzidziso dzemukuru uya anonzi Va Makandiwa chokwadi uchaona hupenyu huchishanduka sekushanduka kwakaita hwavamwe sekuru vangu vanopinda ikoko.

  17. I stayed in Mbare for the past 22years.l have witnessed downfalls of people of Jim’s political velocitiês.Its not Zanu pf that made him kill as he claims.I think he does not know he has to say more for what on what he has already said.Dzungu.Wamhara manje

  18. Pauro kumaZimbabwe

    wagona kunaka naMwari matopedzerana so

  19. Newsday, please get more information from this criminal bastard. He’s trying to now hide behind the church but really should point out all the bandits who sponsored him from his bandit party.

  20. tsamba yaPauro kumaZimbabwe

    rimwe zuva Pauro anoti pakati penyu hapana wandakatadzira meaning kuti kana pane akaurayirwa hama yake kana kuremadzwa aiva Sauro kwete Pauro… so Jim just maintain your salvation and glued to the teachings of the word of GOD thru his Prophet uchaona hupenyu huchishanduka zvishoma nezvishoma.

  21. He will disappear if he is not careful

    1. ZvaMwari zvinotongwa zvakasiyana nekutonga kwenyu . Muchinda uyu pake agona . Isu vokutenda totofara kuti mhondi dzaredusiwa ne1.

  22. You are forgiven. Sin no more. But when Saul repented he did not run away to hibernate somewhere. He started building the kingdom that he had all along been fighting. Shall you start working for democracy in Zimbabwe Jimmy?

  23. i will only forgive you on condition;

    1. u publish a list of all the people you killed or helped kill
    2. u publish a list of all the women you raped and abused
    3. u publish a list of all the monies you stole
    4. u publish a list of all the houses you petrol bombed
    5. u publish a list of all the commuter operators you extorted.

    otherwise Jim, i dont forgive and i will NEVER forget.

  24. Ko mhuri yawaka pondera baba vayo uchairiritira wo here. Vana havachina muchengeti. Vana hachina pekugara makapisa misha yavo. Sorry haibatsire. Kana Sorry ichibatsira ngaidzorere zvinhu pa square one. Ano tamba ne banga ngaafe nebanga. Totadzira vamwe nokuti kana ndisisina simba ndozoti sorry , just like that. Ini handikuregerere, I don’t dine with an enermy. Kuregerera ndekwa Mwari. Vanojaira vanhu ava.


    If can meet this thug somewhere in darkness thus the end of him.

  26. vivian v siziba

    You, and your erstwhile colleagues in terror, administered violence of extreme and indescribable proportions ever imagined since the emergency of a human race.It would be hard for people to forgive you,espeacially those who went through those terror ordeals,that is,those who were miraculously lucky enough to survive and narrate those brutal experinces.What goes around comes around,you were abducted and tortured.Brutality of these extreme proportions at some point in time, turn like a revenging beast and consume the pepertators full time.Lesson to be learnt here in this unpleasant scenario,some politicians would use you for their long term strategic political benefits and dump you when you become an embarrassment and would never want their names to be associated with you.In a nutshell, you were used as a political condom.Hopefully,those who remain in the ranks of terror and anarchy would heed your advice and refrain from engaging in similar activities in future.

  27. My dear friend Jim. If you are really sorry, please do the right thing and surrender yourself to the police. Please tell all those families who are still traumatised where you buried their missing children, brother and parents. We can forgive but we cant forget what you did.

  28. A confession is not enough without justice.If he neans what he says, he should come back home and surrender himself to the law and let justice prevail. I think this is a wayfor a re- entry into political activism but we see through you, cruel Jim. Take a rest and wait for God.wishes

  29. Yea super. Thats what God does when he comes into your life.You start by realizing that you were being used by the devil all the past and I’m so much convinced that this man has totally repented. No sin falls short of being forgiven man,I’m proud of you for one thing you have done :You threw away your ego and apologized to the people you wronged. Good luck man.

  30. Verenga isiah 26:10. Luke 19, proverbs 25:19. These evil people want youbto believe that their horrible actions should have no serious or painful consequences. They believe grace means they are immediate granted immunity from the rational fallout of their serious sins. The bible tells us that talking does not wake up evil people, but painful consequences might. This guy shall pay for his sins

  31. Quite surprising how a good thrashing can change a person – this is a good example for the Corporal Punishment advocates

  32. Mwari vakanaka, Jimmy Kunaka, Fidelis Fengu, Jabulani Sibanda et al apologising for human rights abuses(2015).

  33. Vanoregererwa ndivo vanorega mabasa akaipa vachiri kugona kuaita.Munhu arikutsanya ndouyo anenge ane zvekudya mumba.Kwete kuudza mhuri kuti titsanye nokuti upfu hwapera mumba.Mhondi iyi inoziva kuti kwairi ikoko ichapondwa kana ingasangana nevanhu ayakauraira vanhu.Saka he seeks protection and protection you wont get it mufesi.Dzoka kuno kumusha chii chachinja inga vaitonga panguva iya ndivo vachiripo wani.Usada kusvibisa zita raMakandiwa,hapana chechi yaunopinda iwe.Gara wakadaro kusvika judgement day.Vanhu vose wavakauraya vachange vakamirira pachigaro chemutongi.Vanhu vachachema chaizvo kana nguva iyi yasvika.

  34. Kunaka and his erstwhile colleagues administered violence and terror of extreme and indescribable propotions ever imagined since the emergency of a human race.Very few people would ever be ready to forgive him espeacially, those who miraculously survived the torture ordeals to narrate the stories.What goes around comes around,you were once abducted and tortured.Terror of this nature is a festering evil which does not only seek to harm legitimate members of legitimate opposition political formations,but also turns like a revenging beast and consume perpetrators of this violence full time.Never in politics be used as political condoms to further the long term and selfish strategic gains of political individuals.

  35. Magona vakoma ,kwasara vamwe vachiri kutaura zvisi8na basa vachituka ,vachizviti Zanu ndoyoga watch out

  36. let us not be fooled guys kunaka, mutasa jb, fengu et al are not sorry rather they have been stripped of their borrowed political clothes vaa kutya kusangana nejustice

  37. We are not hearing this for the first time. Go to Rotten Row Magistrates Courts, you hear a lot of similar desperate and idiotic statements from divorced spouses. Some will try and tell the world that all those 7 children he fathered are not his; they have 14 different fathers.

  38. unoregererwa kudenga,zvepano pasi tinongopedzerana pano.maizviita muchinyatsoziva kuti zvakaipa kwakuda kutsanya nzara yapinda mumba.nguva yekuremerwa nemabasa avaibata haisati yakwana,ichakwana zvayo.

  39. Brian Annson Chifamba

    Every dog has his day. We are not interested in the Zanufication of our system. If you coming from Zanu PF and believe that you have good reasons for people to believe you, then do it. But if you are another trouble, time will tell.

  40. Apology !! my foot! from this purported ex- ZanuPF . This is unacceptable.

  41. Heya ndozvawada tanga wabvisa vaMugabe muOffice mawakavaisa 27 June 2008 wapedza then wodzorera vawakauraya kumhuri dzavo vawakapisira dzimba vawakatema mitezo yomuviri, iwe shamwari kaiwe zvawakaita zvizhinji, Paul met Jesus Christ our saviour and he got blind and later forgiven but iwe uchasangana nechirikadzi nenherera dzawaka uraira vaberereki, like what a fellow said “anonzi atsanya ndeane chokudya mumba asina haiwawo arikufa zvake nezhara”

  42. I think what a lot of people are saying about Jim is true and accurate especially what has been said by Israeri honestly without having listed all what he did,the apology can not be accepted.Surely we had a lot of our friends who were maimed and callously killed by this man and people can not just let him go scott free.A lot of people lost their hard earned properties through this thug’s rogue behaviour and this can not be let go.The arm of the law of this land should descend on him heavily regardless of him having repented and he should name all those that had been sending him to perform those atrocities.Er we saying Makandiwa accepted him in his church because of his confession or what because confessing to Makandiwa without having gone through the arm of the law of this land does not cleance him fully.If the law exonerated him from all these evils deeds then the whole process of forgiveness to him should be forgotten.

    Let him crucify himself.

  43. this idiot is now sorry simply because zanu has turned its back on him if this was not the issue he would be killing and raping women right now!why didnt he do it during the election time?i wont be surprised vakamuti adzoke futi kuzoponda vanhu futi come election time!he murdered a lot of people so many families will never recover or forget their loved ones he killed!ngaasungwe Kunaka uyo mhani aneropa mumaoko ake!

  44. If I were this guy I would apologise on public forums ONLY AFTER approaching all the affected families individually and seek apologies ikoko! Going public first is always treated with suspicion esp in a country like ours.

    1. yess, ndiko kuitaura uko. hausati watanga, Jim

  45. There is what is called justice. This will catch up with you soon. Mhosva haiori. Get a good lawyer, and all the best on that.

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