Drop colonial relics: Chinotimba

BUHERA South MP Joseph Chinotimba has suggested Parliament discard colonial era pictures, furniture and regalia worn by the Speaker, clerks at the table and sergeant-at-arms.


The legislator raised the issue as a point of order on Tuesday, saying gowns won by top Parliament officials should reflect an African identity while pictures displayed in the august House should depict liberation fighters like Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi.

“On a point of order, Madam Speaker, I would like to highlight that here in Parliament we are still using furniture that was used during the Rhodesian Smith regime and was meant to recognise the Queen (of England),” he said.

“Even the mace (carried by the sergeant-at-arms) and the gowns are the same ones that were used then. Can we not change and show the nation that we are now independent? In place of the mace we can put something depicting Mbuya Nehanda or the liberation fighters and the gowns can be designed differently.”

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mabel Chinomona said the issue could only be raised as a motion.

“At the moment, what you are saying is very important, but if you have issues you have to raise a motion so that we debate and the House agrees on what you are saying,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF MPs praised President Robert Mugabe for his recent speech at the United Nations, describing him as a true visionary leader.

Emakhandeni-Entumbane MP Dingilizwe Tshuma, while contributing to debate on a motion on the Presidential speech, said: “The President of our beautiful nation, Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the current chairman of the African Union, Cde RG Mugabe, scored a first at the just-ended United Nations summit by standing up for Africa, demanding that Africa be heard and Africa must have a seat in the Security Council because we are also a continent and a people of note.”

Meanwhile, Sabina Mangwende (Proportional Representation MP) castigated rapists, saying their deeds were tantamount to murder and deserved long jail sentences of up to 40 year.

“These rapists are even raping children as young as 10 years old. Rape is akin to murder, so these rapists deserve deterrent sentences of even up to 40 years,” she said.


  1. Absolom Mangwere

    Well said Chinos.
    Do away with wigs, pictures, gowns, the English language, religion, clothing, western culture and inventions.
    Back to an Ancien Regime and natural paganism in no time

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  2. People are dying of hunger and lack of medicine and you want to change the furniture and clothes been worn because they are from the past ? Be thankful you even have chairs to sit on and clothes to wear, unlike the poor street vendors who had their bundles of clothes confiscated and handed out to appease the powers that be!

  3. how far do you want to go back Cde Chinos? Lets have parliament under a tree in loin cloths and arrive on foot. There are bigger things to worry about other than furniture and pictures! How about giving me a job for starters, I was promised a job like the rest of us for a voting for you old men and Im still waiting!!!!

    1. cde cloud you are missing the point. Having something depicting our values and virtues isn’t the same as going years back neither is recognising the queen’s greatness in zimbabwe a sign of advanced status. Its all about preservation and protection of our heritage as a nation. upholding our values and living our real lives as real independent zimbabweans. Cde Chinos is correct, i second his suggestion. let it be put before parliamentarians and the debate stirred.

      1. Significant Watemwa

        It would not be a heritage without recognising white involvement in Zimbabwe. You cannot undo history my friend, it serves as a reminder and a warning to those of the future. Cecil John Rhodes, All the prime ministers of zimbabwe in the colonial era, sekuru kaguvi and mbuya nehanda were mediums at large, and probably local leaders of their time, All the munhumutapas, lobengula the sell out and Mzilikazi all have to be there and then lastly Cde RG Mugabe probably in a big picture just above the speaker, and he will be moved next to others when a new president appears whose big picture will also be framed. This is thehistory and heritage i know. It does not make sense to fill the whole parliament with pictures of Mugabe in whom we have a long history of suffering and a very short or non existent history of prosperity. We want him there as just another leader not as if he is the beginning and end of zimbabwe. Otherwise filling the whole assembly with just freedom fighters will make it party head office and then we will have to put Ndabaningi Sithole, Welshman Ncube, Tongogara Mujuru. The last two whom I adore but do not desrve to be there because they were not administrative leaders of the country and Ndabaningi is just as good as Takawira Chitepo JM Nkomo and Welshman because they were party leaders.. Muzorewa and Smith should also be there in Parliament. The Queen of the time of colonial era before UDI has a right and should also be there.

  4. He has a point but lets for the time being talk about and try to solve problems in the community such as hunger, electricity, corruption and many others. By the way since Chinotimba claims to be too traditionaly inclined ,he needs to be reminded that the departed must be respected. Personally I am not amused by his antics, he should leave parliament and be a comedian.

    Hon Mahlangu must rest in peace. The dead cannot defend themselves let them rest in peace. Who knows there might be Mhlangu’s sympathizers in Buhera South. In fact the truth of the matter is, he was cleared of this allegation by a court of law. Chinotimba was once advised by the Speaker to behave.

    1. @cloud. You have said it well. We are obsessed about nothing really! Varungu vakatotipinda kare hapana chekuita veduwee. And colonization is good. Who is not benefiting from it? We should rather blame our ancestors who did not go to Europe to colonize these white people and establish their own African systems on them. Takatangirwa, let’s manage it that way!

  5. But its true zviri kutaurwa nevakuru ava. Unoshaya kuti are we in England or Zimbabwe. Just that nguva ino nenhamo dziriko idzi-lets talk about how to fix electricity,hospitals,roads, hunger etc. Talking and wasting time on parliament furniture and regalia is like kudzingirira kamhashu kasina muto. Lets be serious kana tiri muparliament. Saka lets remove all those colonial toilets in town titsvage zvikwenzi zvekutotsera.

  6. We want to survive first before we talk about replacing furniture, clothes and any other parliamentary items that Cde Chinos wants changed. Tinoda kudya first and then talk about the Nehanda’s only after we survive. Tsvagai kuti vanhu vorarama sei.

    1. Akatorota arikumba kuti mangwana ndonotaura zve ma gowns ne ma chair, because pamwe akakurumidza kurara magetsi aenda. Deadwood parliament.

  7. Cde chinoz don’t forget to change you first name too.why being Joseph,your name also reminds me of the colonial era.musada kuita tsika dzekugeza maoko mapedza kudya imi mambodya musina kuageza apa mabva kuchimbuzi.

  8. Chinotimba is talking of the Queen of England does he know where England is? Can he read a map seeing that he shunned colonial education? How can he be a serious MP when he cannot read a map? A question to Chinotimba – Chinamasa has gone to Lima, which part of England is Lima? If he does not know how then does he know whether Chinamasa is selling out or not visiting Lima in England or Peru? War veteran who cannot read a map how then did he know which land belonged to which black people? See what I am trying to get….?

  9. While he was delivering his speech he was dressed in a colonial suit and tie, with colonial shoes, colonial underwear, stood up from a colonial chair, in a colonial building, have come in a colonial car on a colonial road, from a colonial house, in a colonial township or suburb having bathed in a colonial tub with colonial running water and used a colonial toothbrush and tooth paste after waking up from a colonial bed and blankets and had a colonial breakfast in colonial cutlery and cooked the breakfast using colonial electricity……. Shut up Chinotimba.

  10. Nhamo yemumwe hairegererwi sadza.Zvoose zvamunotaura zvenzara,magetsi,migwagwa,mvura,transport havazviziwe nokuti ivo vari kuguta.

  11. Kunonga akazviita paCathedral nhasi uripi? Sure if you can change your name CDE Chinos zvingangoita zvaurikuda

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  13. The Commander in Chief of CUCKOOLAND will not be amused with the intellectual dynamo Joseph Chinotimba because he just loves British Culture and their pomp and ceremony.
    He especially loves being driven around in the vintage British Rolls Royce that he ‘acquired’.
    Shylock Gushungo dearly wishes to be named the KING of Zimbabwe.
    Chinotimba may be charged with economic sabotage for undermining the BIG hero.

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