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Chiyangwa formalises Zifa candidature


Harare businessman Philip Chiyangwa yesterday took steps to submit his candidature as he bids for the Zifa presidential seat.

by Kevin Mapasure

Chiyangwa is confident of romping to victory in the election and declared yesterday that he already won the backing of at least half of the councillors.

The 56-year-old politician expects to submit his nomination papers today and pay the required $2 500 nomination fee.

He said experienced administrators would append signatures on his nomination papers, adding that Midlands provincial chairman Brian Chishanga had recommended him.

There are no other candidates that have come out in the open about their interest for the top Zifa post, with most of them claiming they were still weighing their options.

By yesterday, it was only Chiyangwa who had picked up the forms for presidential candidacy.

On Thursday, Caps United owner Farai Jere told reporters that he had been approached to stand in the election, but was still considering his options.

But he appeared in a video where he was endorsing the candidature of Chiyangwa, while ruling himself out of the race.
Trevor Carelse Juul, Leslie Gwindi and Twine Phiri’s names have also been thrown around, but none has so far come out in the open to declare interest.

It seems, however, that the other would-be candidates have adopted a wait-and-see approach, even though they would be working hard behind the scenes.

The nominations opened early this month and will close on November 5.

The vetting process will be done two days later and the list of successful candidates published on November 15.

The post Chiyangwa is vying for fell vacant after the previous board led by Cuthbert Dube was booted out by the councillors at the beginning of the month.

Chiyangwa said seven provinces were on his side, as well as two regions, but he was still working to entice the others.
“I have become the first person to pick up the form and fill it,” he said.

“I have already submitted one and I just want to get signatures on the other one and will probably submit it tomorrow (today). We are moving swiftly. There is no need to waste time. Chishanga has already nominated me and I have the support of seven provinces and two regions so far. The majority of the councillors are supporting me. I think I am almost done laying the groundwork and I am just going to complete the nomination process and wait for election day.”

He said he sold his manifesto to the councillors where he promised to transform the game and restore professionalism in football administration.

“The councillors share my vision. I want to transform the game in the country. We need to have more players in Europe like the case with West African countries and that can be achieved by making sure all the clubs have academies. People make a living out of football and I want our players to also enjoy the benefits of their fame. There is a lot that I will do for the game and I can promise that the success I had in boxing is what I will achieve in football.”

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