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AMHVoices:Why should we kill to conserve?


In response to Buffalo kills a woman: I take this opportunity to send my condolence message to the bereaved relatives of the deceased woman.

By Pardon Makunike

There are some creatures that can also kill human beings, if you hear about them, you may be surprised. Creatures like scorpions, mosquitoes, flies, spiders, bees, domestic dogs, ants, horses, etc may kill people. For example a domestic dog is man’s best friend, but is also the most likely to kill him and the majority of the victims die from rabies. Many of us view mosquitoes as more of an annoyance rather than a threat, but is also one of the most deadliest creatures.

Other game animals like hippopotamus and lions are extremely aggressive and territorial. But hunting humans is not normal among these animals. My question is why should we kill animals that presumably attack humans? It’s a matter of who lives, who dies and why should we kill in the name of conservation? Of course it’s the law of the land that if the animal kills people, their species should be killed also.

I don’t believe in taking animal lives, because neither the animal deserves it nor anyone concerned will benefit from its death.

Some of these species are on the verge of extinction and genetic diversity is in immediate danger, so there is no advantage in killing such animals.

In this case, it is assumed that poachers have caused all the damage. This alone proves that humans are the most invasive species that has ever roamed the earth. We have little regard for the lives of other animals into whose homes and lives we have trespassed. Let’s all learn that when we choose to live or go where dangerous animals live, there is risk involved.

Studies have proven that very rarely do wild animals harm human beings. Having personally had some close contact with elephants, lions, buffaloes, etc, which live around people’s houses in peri-game park areas like in Binga and part of Chiredzi, where the boundaries for game parks are not clearly marked.

It seems the people and animals there, have resolved to live together. They treat each other with respect, at times in the morning villagers see elephants footsteps around their houses, though sometimes we hear that elephants have destroyed people’s crops, but we never hear that those elephants have destroyed people’s houses, despite their capacity to do so.

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