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AMHVoices:Spare politicians from leading football


It was so refreshing to hear that the former Zifa president Cuthbert Dube threw in the towel hours before he was booted out from leading the powerful post of administering football in Zimbabwe. I knew it from the day he was appointed for that post and the way he wrestled it from the jaws of real and passionate football administrators that he was not going to finish the race. His expulsion at the association was long overdue. He came and destroyed the game of football when we expected him to rescucitate it.

Leonard Koni


I read in horror the news that business mogul Phillip Chiyangwa is eyeing the Zifa presidency to replace Dube. I think we should take a lesson from how our neibouring countries are running their football. Let’s take an example from Zambia, where a former footballer Kalusha Bwalya is the president of that country’s soccer body.

Surely, we must consider someone who has vast experience and knowledge in football or a retired respectable footballer, who has seen it all, not these people who want to look for popularity, fame and had never set their foot in a stadium.We cannot afford to waste this chance again by choosing a person who needs an introduction to the beautiful game of football. We need a person who will demonstrate a remarkable passion for sport, who should work very hard to bring back the glory days and give a very good image of the Zimbabwean football, which has been tarnished by the former Dube-led executive.

The leader should be in a position to attract sponsorship from the corporate world by drafting sound policies and making sure that there is no more maladminstration at the mother body.

That kind of a leader must be given a chance to clean up the mess left by the former and to lead Zifa, not these dishonest people, who just want it to fatten and line their pockets. Chiyangwa is extremely out of this equation. Fans are the owners of this game and they must have a say in choosing who should lead the Zifa.

Please spare us politicians from leading our football matters.

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