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AMHVoices:Snakeman a national disgrace


With news about Grey Mpinganjira’s gory story involving his black mamba awash, I feel this man truly and desperately needs divine intervention to bring him back to humanity.


He may argue insisting he is sane, but that which makes him think he is sane needs to be plucked out of his life. That is only when he can sit down with his family members, if ever they dare come closer to him because of his Satanic-prized possession, map the way forward and reconcile. It is even going to be difficult for him to recapture their confidence and trust after revelations of the snake sucking blood of his kinsfolk.

The man needs utmost exorcism and extrication to free the soul that is supposed to be his,but which is being held hostage by his dogmatic beliefs.

Upon his arrest he was blinkered by the same authoritative belief that he had contravened the Wildlife Act yet his freedom had beckoned for him to be set free from the cocoon in which he has been held bondage all along. It’s ironic that Mpinganjira is more worried about losing his snakemanship title to the Parks and Wildlife authorities than celebrating the exposure of his evil doing so he can live a free life.

It makes one wonder how a man who claims to be sane gets more time to celebrate his reunion with a serpent rather than thanking God for His intervention to save him.

This is a national disgrace bent to discredit us as a nation that we idolise snakes rather than the Lord,thereby consuming the norm that we are a Christian society.

It also paints a bad and controversial picture for Muslims as the man is interviewed by the Press in his full Muslim regalia. I am not saying Muslims have anything to do with this issue, but Mpinganjira’s disorganised lifestyle, devillish to be precise, causes society to have mixed reactions over his snakemanship.

I urge clergymen from all denominations and beliefs,  including Islam, to help this man so he can start a new journey into enlightenment.

It becomes difficult for children of today to differentiate between the now and then lifestyle, leading them into believing folk stories of a hare talking to a baboon as uncle and nephew are real thereby crippling development of our beautiful country.

Obviously there are imminent inter-clan confrontations, fiery ones, as Mpinganjira confesses the serpent only kills his kinsfolk. He might escape through the pinhole from bashing from his family members thanks to the Witchcraft and Suppression Act that bars society from labelling any fellow citizen a witch.

We are currently getting heartrending reports of hysteria in schools, something that needs national attention to mend, thus Mpinganjira is supposed to be one of us sympathising, but he is having sleepless nights over dispossession of a snake.

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