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AMHVoices:It is govt’s duty to protect citizens


The powers-that-be in the United States of America are clueless as to how they should protect their citizens especially schoolchildren from death from gunshots by some elements who are abusing firearms.

Lovemore,Our Reader


In Zimbabwe no one is safe from being run over or crushed by a kombi being chased either by the ZRP, municipal police or Zimra. We have lost a number of lives and so far we have not heard any comments from the powers-that-be.

It seems these lives being lost deserve it. Instead the voice coming is from those who want to add more tollgates to our major roads. But we were taught that life is more precious than silver and gold.

We are seeing the police buying more motorcycles. What for? God knows. The municipalities are also buying more tow vehicles, giving the nation the impression that these chases are commissioned, and are supported. We are now even seeing in Chitungwiza, municipal police chasing kombis in this densily-populated town.

As a nation, it seems we have commercialised our law enforcement agencies for the love of money. This has resulted in the loss of innocent lives and increase of the cancerous corruption. It’s clear that all the money collected in fines is not going where it is supposed to.

Who is going to stop all this rot?

The powers-that-be. These are the policymakers, the government whose duty is to protect its citizens!

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