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AMHVoices:Grace, you are living on borrowed power


I write this letter today to you First Lady Grace Mugabe one year after your miraculous rise from political non-entity status to Zanu PF second centre of power and demigod, to reflect upon the good, if there is any, bad and ugly of this journey.

Mkweguru,Our Reader

After Joice Mujuru had amassed virtually all grassroots structures’ support as evidenced by the number of purges in the days preceding the 2014 Zanu PF elective congress and looked almost set to take over the party’s presidency, was your political birth.

President Robert Mugabe was to be voted out by his own party, in the event earning him embarrassment of global proportions.

It took serious and well-coordinated plotting and scheming to save the situation. Conditions necessary for you to take over the reins as women’s league boss were created. A plan to oust former Vice-President Joice Mujuru was hatched against her ascendancy to the powerful post and you were tasked to lead its implementation.

Through your wave of Meet the People rallies, you outwitted Mujuru, performing a brilliant job in toppling her from her all-powerful Zanu PF second secretary and State Vice-President positions. You spoke at length during those rallies using your sharp tongue, and employing some dishonourable tactics in desperation to paint a bad image of the woman in the eyes of the public. It worked.

Mujuru became public enemy number one in Zanu PF, being accused of plotting to assassinate Mugabe, a treasonous charge itself, and also accused of wanting to topple Mugabe from power using unconstitutional means.

The end was nigh for her from the beginning and before 2014 was over, she was languishing in the political dustbin.

But the truth is you are living on borrowed power. You have continued on your ill-advised path of making more enemies than friends, destroying and causing pain to people’s lives. I advise you become a bit more long-sighted, seeing beyond the life of your husband and that way you can only measure the amount of trouble you are inviting for yourself.

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